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  1. Have you ever gotten a DnB number? I tried but their website confuses the hell out of me.
  2. I was hoping for some replies! So here is an update. I've got my corporation papers in the mail and now I've also gotten my EIN. Tomorrow I am going to get a net 30 account with Home Depot. Is a DnB still worth it?
  3. Hi everyone! My wife and I are starting a new business today for basic landscaping and minor tree work. We're in need of purchasing some equipment specifically 3 items. A zero turn mower - a stump grinder - and a trailer for hauling said things. What we're wanting to do is get that equipment financed via either a credit card or a business line of credit. We know we can purchase the mower at Home Depot and the trailer at tractor supply co. The stump grinder we're still working out but since this is the first time we're establishing a business and trying to use credit we're not sure of where to turn. I've seen videos on youtube saying you can get 50k in credit but i'm not paying for a course. My question is this - once we have the LLC formed what are the steps needed to get the credit lines like i mentioned above? Is it possible to not be a guarantee?
  4. well I sent the letter off WhyChat and they responded. They sent this to collections (Credit Collection Services). The healthcare provider had said I owed 2,700$ and now collections wants 4300$.
  5. Thanks WhyChat - I just want to make it clear - we have voicemails not recordings of conversations, but yes we'll take the advice.
  6. Thank you for the Easter reply but it I could have waited! It has not gone to collections - they are threatening to send it to collections because we don't want to pay because we were told it was covered by them.
  7. Hey WhyChat - as I understand you're concern about the voicemail it is most certaintly from the medical provider. It's from the same agent she called into and then returned her phone call. The agent called from their number leaving his full name. This voicemail is about 10 months old and comes 1 day after she called in. She called in asked. Medical provider said they would call insurance provider and call back. Medical provider called back and left voicemail saying they checked with insurance provider and there would no no out of pocket expenses. Sorry - maybe your context is these bills from the provider are a scam - i can assure you they are not. We've called in and they said we owe, we said we have voicemails from your employees saying there would be no costs and that the medical providers employee contacts our insurance company and confirmed there would be no cost. if there were costs we would not have gotten the test.
  8. No - but sorry, I wasn't clear. The voicemail came from the testing company that we would not be charged.
  9. Hi all, I'm not entirely sure what to say. My wife was pregnant with our third child about 14 months ago and the doctor wanted us to get genetic testing done. So we called into both our insurance and to the medical test provider to see if there was no cost. Well both of the providers got back to us and said there is no out pocket costs and we would not be responsible for any payment. When the medical provider called us back they left a voice mail that said "We've checked with your insurance and there will be absolutely no cost and 0 out of pocket expenses to you. You're completely cleared to take the test". Not about 14 months later they said they've made a mistake and want us to pay 4k. They're sending us bills and threatening for it to go to collections. Our insurance company did send us a check for it was only for 500$, we're not sure what to do but we feel we shouldn't have to pay. Any thoughts?
  10. I appreciate the input, but there is a difference between needing 10k for a downpayment and 42k for paying off medical.... Seriously, what do I need to do after my initial disputes?
  11. No I don't. I was kind of hopign WhyChat might chime in, I don't know what to do after the initial dispute letters. Do I do a DV or what/
  12. Sorry your correct. I have 617 and need a 640 (FHA 203k). I also do not have a cosigner so this close I'd like to get over this little hump left.
  13. Here's where I am. My goal is to get my credit score to 650 for a mortgage and I currently have a 620 (after initial disputes). Opt Out Done Dispute Addresses Done Initial Dispute Done I did not dispute any medical accounts (i don't have the money to pay them offc The initial dispute went fairly positive I would say 50% of all accounts that I have were deleted. I guess where I'm stuck is what do to next for thr accounts that were validated. They where things like utilities and credit cards. I'm far outside my initial 30 days and some accounts are within their SOL. Thanks!
  14. I can - i think you miss the order here. 1) JDX Accounts 2) Debtor says i have bank 'x' 3) JDX Over 4) Debtor gets new bank 5) They're perfectly safe because it's after JDX I'm not missing the point - I do understand it. But you have to hope that the person has enough liquid-able assets to clear whats owed + cover the fee for the sheriff to process real estate sales. Then its going back to court and stating you went to levy the account given in the previous proceeding and the account was closed. No judge in their right mind will consider that proper, and might sanction the defendant for contempt. No the account ins't closed, just funds withdrawn. I appreciate the effort but my attorney is telling me it happens all the time. And they don't have an account to chexsystem and thats why i'm looking to see if someone knew how to get that.
  15. I can - i think you miss the order here. 1) JDX Accounts 2) Debtor says i have bank 'x' 3) JDX Over 4) Debtor gets new bank 5) They're perfectly safe because it's after JDX I'm not missing the point - I do understand it. But you have to hope that the person has enough liquid-able assets to clear whats owed + cover the fee for the sheriff to process real estate sales.
  16. I'm in PA and yes how to enforce a judgment, but in order to serve a levy on a bank you must know what bank. And that is the reason for Chexsystems http://pghfirm.com/pennsylvania-debt-collection-blog/how-to-collect-a-judgment-in-pennsylvania/ http://research.lawyers.com/pennsylvania/pa-collecting-the-judgment.html Debtor's ExaminationYou can have the sheriff serve the debtor with a notice of a debtor's examination. In a debtor's exam, you can ask the debtor what type of property he owns, where that property is located and whether or not the debtor has a job. Your county courthouse will have more information about this exam and the necessary forms. Step 1 to collect a judgment in Pennsylvania is to file the judgment IN EACH COUNTY where the debtor resides or owns real property. Real property means a house or land. Judgments in Pennsylvania act as an automatic lien against real property. This means that the debtor cannot sell their property without satisfying the judgment first. These judgment liens on property are valid for twenty (20) years. Although a judgment may act as a lien against real property for twenty (20) years, you cannot seek to execute on your judgment unless it is revived every five (5) years. Also, be careful about magistrate judgments. Magistrate judgments are not always identified by credit reporting agencies and will often not show on credit reports. Thus, you may have a judgment that is NOT acting as a lien. If you have a magistrate judgment, you should always file the judgment with the county courts where the debtor resides or owns property. Step 2 to collect a judgment is to praecipe for a writ of execution. Once the judgment is filed, you can ask the department of court records to issue a “Writ of Execution”. This writ of execution is then taken to the sheriff’s office. The writ authorizes the sheriff’s office to take certain action to collect the monies against the debtor. These actions consist primarily of: Seizing a bank account; Selling personal assets, and/or vehicles; and Selling a house, land or real property. This all sounds good in theory but in reality as soon as you do a JDX and ask for their bank account they get a new bank. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. I'm in PA and yes how to enforce a judgment, but in order to serve a levy on a bank you must know what bank. And that is the reason for Chexsystems What she meant was during the Debtor's Examination you can force the defendant to disclose the bank and the account numbers under oath. Failure to do so would be contempt or giving false information would be perjury. Otherwise, I suppose you could hire a gumshoe with access to certain databases (Lexis-Nexus, ARS, Sagestream, etc.) that can dig up this information for you. What is ARS?
  18. I'm in PA and yes how to enforce a judgment, but in order to serve a levy on a bank you must know what bank. And that is the reason for Chexsystems
  19. I have a question that i'm hoping to get nailed down and perhaps only WhyChat might know the answer. I really had a judgment awarded to me and I want to pull a credit report. My understand is that Pintos v. Pacific Creditors Association, No. 04-17485 (April 30, 2009) says that you must have a credit transaction to pull a credit report. It's also my understanding that FACTA says determined if a debt is collectable is reason enough (Hasbun v. County of Los Angeles, 323 F.3d 801 (9th Cir. 2003)) So it would at first appear that Pintos overrides Hasbun but apparently the Pintos court ruled with Hasbun and made a special provision for judgments. To distinguish Hasbun ’s holding that § 1681b(a)(3)(A) applied to collection of a child support judgment—presumably not a “consumer initiated” debt under the majority’s new test—the court carved out an exception for judgment debts; a debt reduced to judgment, the court held without explanation, would be deemed “a ‘credit transaction involving the consumer’ no matter how it arose.” http://www.jonesdayappellate.com/files/CaseStudy/8ef7688e-6ab0-40b0-9455-f9049f6c9db3/Presentation/CaseStudyFile/1c64ecf1-9a89-476d-bdca-fb2849b63868/ExperianPintos10TermCERT.PDF Does anybody know the above mentioning case law or foot note - somewhere I could read the exact ruling/opinion
  20. Thanks for the reply but that number doesn't actually offer any help. ChexSystems Consumer Relations 1-800-428-9623 (Recording only-Instructions)
  21. I've been on this forum for years, and it's helped me out a lot. Now i'm on the other side and I want to know if anybody has any insight on how to obtain a chexsystem report against your debtor. I know you can get any of the 3 CRA reports since I have a judgment and Chexsystem is just like them so I just don't know how to achieve my goal. Does anybody hav ea data provider contact or a way to obtain the report?
  22. I'm looking at a 2010 ford for my wife and I wnated to know if anybody has a really good lender with a low rate
  23. The math doesn't suggest that it's silly. 1500 * .03 (balancer transfer fee) = $45 $45 if I wanted to pay it off in 6 months of interest is...?
  24. There's plenty of BT offers. Big banks, small banks and CU's. More importantly, do you have a budget/plan in place to end the shell game? Oh yeah, i'm not worried about it, it's only 1500$, i just don't like dropping my saving account below a certain mark so I want to transfer it
  25. My chase slate credit card 0%apr and 0interest for 18 months is about up and I want to transfer this remaining balance on a new card before I pay interest. Does anybody know of a 0/0% card? Or maybe a 0/3% card is there are none?

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