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  1. If they foreclose then you lose your house. Are you walking away from the house? Tamy I really don't want to walk away from it, but its getting hard to pay, I am current on the 1st mortage and i am under water at least 60k if they foreclose on the 60k I could just file chap13 and keep the house?
  2. Do I need to wait untill they foreclose or chargeoff the debt? I will go and get some paperwork on chap13 today.
  3. Hello all. I have a 240,000 1st Mortage-Interest only 7.0% ARM 2 years left and a Variable Rate 60,000 2nd HELOC. both with BofA. As most people in CA, I am upside down on home value, valued approx 250,000 so I can't really refinance unless I come up with lots of money. I haven't been able to pay my 2nd for 11 months, but i am current on my 1st total owed on 2nd its 4,000. Last friday I got a certified letter from lender ( BofA) "Letter of intent to accelerate" I guess this means that they will foreclose on the 60,000 Seems kind of silly that they would foreclose in the small mortage, but they have the right to I guess. Question is: Should I try to get them to mod and get on a payback plan? Or just let them foreclose on this amount? When people gets this Notice of Acceleration Letter do the lender always forecloses or could they possibly still charge off? Thanks for your input.
  4. golk75

    EQ Response

    Hello all. I did the "Not Mine" letter to several iib,co,unpaid, etc, accounts about a month ago or so. One week ago I got a letter from Equifax saying: "Results of Your Investigation: We have reviewed your concerns and our conclusions are: The additional disputed accounts are not currently reporting on the Equifax credit file.". All this accounts are still showing on the MCK,PG reports. But don't show up on the updated report I got from EQ. I did pull I report today, and all those accounts are still there , I got this letter from EQ about a week ago. What should I do next?
  5. golk75


    Sorry, Wrong place
  6. Hello all. Whats the best DV letter for old paid or IIB collection accounts? Seems EQ just found some old accounts to add to my file. Thanks.
  7. Hello all. I Disputed a TL with Experian and got the results back, "TL Verified and updated". This was an IIB that was showing as a CO, and still is, I wonder what was updated. Any comments on what to do next? Tanks...
  8. golk75

    Talked to CA

    I am in Calif. by the way ...
  9. golk75

    Talked to CA

    Being this the case what would be the best approach?
  10. golk75

    Talked to CA

    I am making payments on three collections a have, I am almost done paying them, i called to negotiate a PFD and the response from all three CA was that they couldn't do that couse they could loose their license. Its this for real?
  11. I pulled a PG today and out of the 4 Collections 2 are gonne the other two show 0 balance and say paid? this 2 collection where part of the same other CA that got deleted. 1-2 Punch next on this collections?
  12. Thanks for the replys, I will send a second letter asking to prove it or delete it

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