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  1. Um yeah, Tee, I knew I read we were getting MORE ...CC, I enjoyed my days off ...
  2. No, CC...you're not the only one that feels that way. The only way one of my children dare say "what" to me, it better be at the beginning of a sentence, as in "what time do you need me to finish that mommy?", lol... Children are out of control these days.... It's my childrens friends that I find myself correcting What? goodness.
  3. Yeah, CC...I heard that he actually married that "troll". ICK.
  4. Had to wait til June 16th to order...so I'm still waiting for mine I CAN NOT FREAKIN' Wait to get it ...
  5. I see you sneaking back here like you've never been away...how have you been? I'm doing great! You know folk can't stay away from CB!! what have I missed? I see marilie's prayer list, I'm almost afraid to look
  6. Sorry to hear such bad news, CoCo
  7. To suggest that it's okay for a parent to ASSUME the other parent has a 3 year old child is...just...well, insane
  8. all excellent! But this was the best one, IMO.... Right now I'm reading "Be Careful What you Pray for", one of a series from Kimberla Roby....very light entertaining reading....
  9. OMG, that poor doggie. I can not express (in words) here what I'd do to her if I ever came in contact with her.
  10. Good thoughts for you Coco . Keep us updated!

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