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  1. Congrats on an awesome year! May 2015 be a prosperous one as well.
  2. Why not join both...everyone seems to forget USAA is a bank and NFCU is a credit union. Best of both worlds for servicemembers and family.
  3. as CV likes to say it's only one day earlier the first time. I'm a member at USAA and payday for me is always one day earlier than my peers and they have DD as well.
  4. If they can't access your report, they can't provide score. What would they have to calculate a score? Just saying... If your report is not frozen, disregard my opinion.
  5. A fraud alert is different from having your report frozen.
  6. Do you have Equifax frozen? That could be a reason why.
  7. Congrats!Did you add info to Creditpulls DB? Care to share your EX score? Other info? This is the next Amex I plan to app for, so am curious ... It doesn't seem to be discussed much around here. Not sure why. I did add it to the database. Ex: 702 from my mortgage pull 2 months ago. One other inq about 8 months ago. 1 settled collection that's 3.5 years old. 1 real CC that's almost 3 years old, 1 store CC 2 years and change. 4 installment loans, the oldest being 10 years. Btw, the limit was 3000. More than double my other card, and more than Chase gave me on the Freedom short
  8. Congrats on making the 100K club...if there is such a club, lol.
  9. -6 to 755 Just tracking for entertainment at this point.
  10. Just checked and it's gone. Wonder if it will be available after the conversion. I had to re-enroll to receive e-statements and presto it was back.
  11. Just checked and it's gone. Wonder if it will be available after the conversion.
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