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  1. Maybe. Which debt are they calling you about? That question has been asked and not answered in this thread. Have they sent you the Dunning letter? Is your correct address on your letters to them?
  2. It was a stupid question, I gave a stupid answer. That is all. It should have been obvious enough by the answer...
  3. Where did you hear that credit card apps check the IRS database during the application process? I used to work for Visa.
  4. Offering 50%? They're going to find every old debt they can report for you - you'll make then RICH! Did the collector give you their home and cell number so you can reach them anytime? I would! Cash cow!
  5. That's how they approve you - compare it to what other companies got on their apps and match it up against the W2's your employers send to the IRS. It's also why a cell phone requires a credit check now - so they can match you plan and usage to what you can afford.
  6. Nevermind that a one or two year old car is just as reliable and significantly cheaper! What you're paying in interest could be in your pocket instead. We see this so much it should be a sticky...
  7. When, specifically, was the DOFD? Texas has an SOL of four years. Something from 2009 is likely beyond SOL and something from 2010 MAY be.
  8. When rebuilding, buy a cheaper car CASH. Why sign up for MORE interest when you really need to spend that money elsewhere?
  9. Transfers to British Airways for domestic use on short haul American Airlines flights is one of the best deals out there, especially when there are MR:BA bonuses.
  10. Write them and ask them todo what you wanted, and what they offered, and include a copy of their letter to you with their own language circled, highlighted, etc. Phone calls are worthless.
  11. You should stop calling and request what you want in writing.
  12. Just FYI, you might consider paying off the wife's car first if you're close. From a cash flow perspective, that might free up the most, allowing you to pay down credit cards faster. You might pay a little more in credit card interest over the long term, but for a little more of a "paycheck to paycheck" cushion, the stress relief might justify it.
  13. That depends. Want to fight them getting a judgement in the first place or want to fight to rescind an improper one issued in default?
  14. What's her income? Does she NEED credit for anything soon or can you be methodical?

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