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  1. My credit score is at 654. PenFed Visa - 6.5k Discover It - 2k Target REDcard - 0.5k TheBuildCard MC - 0.5k
  2. I work for Toyota and when I apply to get a car there. The sales guy ran my credit after a few minutes told me that I have no credit and that I need either a co-signer or $3,000 down. I couldn't believe my eyes because I knew I have credit before. When I went online to check my FICO score it show up no credit across all three. So I tried with a different service which is TransUnion and it show up FICO score: TU 4, EQ 620 EX 524. I then proceeded at a different dealership near my home I were approve there and show me my FICO score of 524. I had to down $1,800 and payments of $266.01 for 48 months. I didn't wait I went ahead and apply for a secured credit card from Capital One. I got approved for a $200 CL. Is there anymore secured credit card that you guy's recommend to apply? I want to build my credit so bad.
  3. The bank is located in California. I applied in person. My Chexsystem information were like a year old.
  4. I'm on Chexsystem and I were able to open an account with Union Bank. Union Bank allow second chance checking account.
  5. When you got your D&B and got all those account. Did it show you a credit score? Before I had a 10 year old file with D&B showing some trade and good credit on Experian Business. Then I got approved by many places. I forgot to do the annual report and it shut down my corporation. I tried to reinstate it but wouldn't allow me. So I'm starting over from scratch. What are some good accounts to start with? Any pointers?
  6. Same with me I have a few accounts that I want to add in to my report. I currently have 2 TL right now 1 7500 (GEMB) and 1 1000 (Lowes).
  7. When you applied to these application. Do you put the corp origin address or the mailing address? I got Lowes $1000 no pg applied under the mailing address. My corp is 3 years and 3 months old.
  8. This part is true I was in there as well and said having a corp business helps alot.. ALOT!! Well that's what the co-manager told me.

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