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  1. CMI collecting for Cox Communications DOFD: 7/2004 I have been all over these boards and have tried a lot of angles with CMI and Cox Communications but nothing has worked. I have a small $100 debt with Cox which CMI Group is collecting for. Here are the steps I have taken. - Deleted old addresses - DVd CMI and disputed with Bureaus -CMI responded to DV with statements etc. -All bureaus validated account - Sent PFD to CMI (from what I read on this board it is near impossible except through Randel Phelps, who is no longer with the company) - They denied PFD request and
  2. Last week I went ahead and pulled the trigger on Kays Jewelers (Sterling) - got approved for $1500. I heard it may be possible to apply to Jareds (Sterling) and get approved for another trade line. Went ahead and applied with Jareds only a few minutes later online and was approved for another card for $1500. Today I checked the mail and both cards came in with different account numbers. I checked my inquiries and only had one pull for Sterling on Equifax. two store tradelines for one pull on only one bureau is not bad at all.
  3. Actually the statements she gave me only have a previous balance but no charges I put on the card or payments I made to the card. Basically showing a previous balance and showing fees adding up. I responded to her email asking her if she had information on what was purchased with the card and when.
  4. I am just trying to verify that everything is correct with the account. I already admitted it was mine, just wanted to see where they got their total amount owed etc. I wanted to make sure they had enough information to verify it with the credit bureaus. I would think they would need complete statements in order to verify an account.
  5. Hi everyone, I am in the process of trying to get an old HSBC/Best Buy charge off removed from my credit. I have been in contact with a few people from HSBC sending goodwill e-mails etc. In the process I also asked for the original contract and statements. The lady helping me did send me the original contract but only gave me a portion of my statments with this message: "Regrettably, I am unable to view the billing statements from May 2003 through June 2004 as retention time frames for these documents have lapsed. However, I have enclosed copies of the July 2004 through December 200
  6. I am trying to add a few store trade lines. I went ahead and pulled the trigger for Kays and was instant approved for $1500. I also spoke to a rep who said they would be able to do a "open for buy" limit increase after the first 24 hour period. He told me if I applied over the phone vs online I may have been able to get the increase same day over phone. My question is do I pull the trigger for Jared or any other accounts today or is Jared exact same as Kays. I have seen both on the forums and am looking for advice from people who have done this or something similar. Is there any oth
  7. I always read of people mentioning Crown Jewelers. I am looking to add a store tradeline and am thinking about CJ. What makes them so special? Is there any suggestions for good store cards?
  8. Hi frontalot By any chance do you still have Mr. Leonard's contact information. I have a small $100 collection with CMI from Cox too.
  9. Hi thatgirldina, You wouldn't happen to have the letter you sent and some of the contacts you sent that too. I have a pesky $100 with CMI for Cox Communications that I am having no luck with. TIA
  10. BofA is the original creditor. I have collected addresses from creditboards and other sites. I have goodwilled every address and even sent goodwill letters to Ken Lewis. If I get anything back it usually to the extent of "this account is valid and cannot be deleted etc" I have also asked for them to provide statements and any contract documents which I have not received anything back. With the SOL I understand it is 4 years for written contracts but they can still report it for 7 years if I'm correct. I know they are past the limitations to sue. Is there any ways I can work that t
  11. I have a BofA credit card charged off in 04. I have tried about everything to get this removed and have not had any success. I was just wondering if anyone has gotten a BofA chargeoff or similar removed from their reports. TIA
  12. caphe

    FHA Question

    I was wondering what was the best lender to go through for FHA. I would like to hear some peoples experiences with different lenders. I am also interested on how lenient each one is. Any info would be great, I plan on shopping for FHA loan within next 2-3 months.
  13. I was wondering if I added an authorized user to a bofa secured card if they would report on their credit report?
  14. Hi, I have a sub $100 collection on my credit for Cox Communications San Diego. Cox Communications is not reporting this debt is but a 3rd party ca (Credit Management LP) is. They refuse to offer pfd but did say they would delete if I could get a letter from Cox stating that once paid they are allowed to delete. I plan to send multiple goodwill letters to Cox to hopefully get a snag. I was wondering if anyone had any good contacts at Cox Communications or any addresses that have worked. I appreciate it!
  15. Does anyone have the CEO contact and can PM me? Thanks
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