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  1. Good luck with finding another attorney. My first attorney really didn't do a great job so I terminated him and ended up with a new attorney who thought I could get into a Chap 7. Needless to say I could not pass the means test so I ended up modifying my Chap 13 which cost me more $$. It's really hard to find a great attorney I say it's worth doing the work to find the best one. I ended up paying this new attorney more $ for nothing basically, but lesson learned. I have 46 more months and I'm done with this and will NEVER view credit the same again!! Hang in there, and try to make 1 payment that's what I do I put everything in the plan except for things that couldn't be in the plan.
  2. Good morning Teflon Cat, I think you need to clarify with your lawyer my mortgage, mortgage arrears and car payment are all within my plan. I only pay my reg bills (cable, cell phone, hoa fees etc) outside the plan. So I will be caught up on everything at the end of my 5 years. My car won't be paid off because I was dumb enough to sign a 6 year loan, but I will only be a few months left before paying it off.
  3. Hi TelfonCat, The mortgage arrears are all included in the chap 13 plan. Once you file Ch13 all foreclosures come to a stop at least that's what happened for me. You will be on a 5 year plan. Your reg mortgage will stay the same and a portion of the arrears will be added. I would not suggest paying anything prior to the Chap 13. Just put everything in the plan and let your lawyer do the work it will all work out. Once you file the foreclosure stops so try not to worry.
  4. Thanks for responding we have notified the lender as the bankruptcy has been filed so everything stops for now. Working on modification paperwork to file same day as discharge. If it works fine if not hey can't say we didn't try. The good thing is they have worked with Disabled Veterans in the past to ensure the modification went through (my attorney) hopefully it will work. Again thanks for your input, it's a wait and see and in FL it's a slow process so hopefully all will work out. Just had a friend it took 2 years from the NOD to foreclose and seem to be the norm.
  5. I have a question, I just filed Chapter 7 BK paperwork is still being finalized but should be filed within the next few days. I have a VA Home Loan that is not yet in foreclosure however I have been sent paperwork. My attorney says it's best to seek modification after the BK discharge. I see no threads on VA Home Loans being successfully modified after BK so just curious as what my chances of approval will be. I know no one knows for sure because its all paperwork but any insight would be great. Mortgage servicer is Nationstar even though they sent a letter saying they sold the loan the calls still come from them and they still service the loan. Everything I read says do not reaffirm the mortgage during the BK. I will be 9 months of no payments by the time I file. Thanks in advance for any input.
  6. Konrad2012 I'm trying to just pay extra on each card? No method for me since each have high balances and I don't use my cards do you have something I should try. Bigpoppa09 you're right it was a softpull, i was looking at the hp for the actual card.
  7. I'm done with asking Lowe's and Walmart for CLI I'll just wait for them to raise it as I've been denied each time including yesterday which was another HP just for asking for the CLI. I've just decided I'm not going to use the Lowe's and Kohls with such low CL's it makes no since. I'm good with AmEx and I think I said Chase was a denial but it was actually the 7-10 day message as well as I have Amazon Prime store card and I applied for the Chase Amazon Card although it could be a denial as well. Thanks for all the advice it will serve me well.
  8. Konrad2012 my cc debt is high but not 50K I'm working on my UTI and I agree with you all I should have stopped once I was denied but so many seem to have great results with lower scores I guess I didn't think about the UTI holding me back since it had always been my scores. Again thanks for all the positive comments I'm learning and paying attention and I've come a long way since my start in 2007 so although I'm not a newbie I'm still not where I want to be but I'm getting there!!! No more apps, gardening, and waiting until 2018 for everything to look so much better for me as BK07 drops off May 2017.
  9. Thanks Racer-X I agree I just figured if I'm going all the way to 2017 to pull them all the last month that way I'm clean in 2018.
  10. Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement to stay the course and get my UTI down and I'll be good as gold, 2017 is a good year my PR - BK07 drops off just like 2015 was a great year as I closed on my house and so I know things are looking very good and my vehicle will be paid off in a few months as well. CBers have helped me get the credit I have I just need to do the hard work and pay down and keep my UTI low. Bigpoppa09 it was the green card I just wanted in and I was told that was the easiest one to get.
  11. j7n1o7 my scores in my signature are correct. Bigpoppa09 you're right I know it just got excited to see my scores close to 700 and thought I'd give it a swing I've also got lots too many INQs and no way to get them off but wait out the time so its 2017 for me. Thanks everyone I'll keep reading as I'm learning a lot from CBers
  12. Thanks mendelssohn, I agree which is why no more apps for me I guess when you read someone getting in with AmEx with a 634 I jumped. I'll keep plugging away at my UTL I should have it down soon, but again no more apps gardening club for me!
  13. So after reviewing the recent credit approvals I decided since my scores had gone up to apply for a few cards that seemed to be easing their credit requirement here are my results: AmEX: Denied Citibank: Denied Chase Freedom - Denied Dillards - Denied Discover: 7-10 days Target - 7-10 days Kohls - Approved: $300 - no go for cli I'm guessing it all has to do with my current utilization but some seemed very mean especially AmEx. Either way I'm now in the garden club and will not apply for another card until 2017 . I knew AmEx blacklisted but I had a card in 1988 when I was married and we put it in CC Counseling and paid it in full never thought they would continue the grudge. Anyway, I know not to try Cap 1 I've already been denied too many times so I'll just keep what I have and pay down my UTL sitting at 63% right now but it's better than the 77% I was at early in the year. Thanks any advice (good and non judgemental) is appreciated.
  14. I figured as much, I think I'm blacklisted with Chase, Discover and Cap1 as well. Guess it's time for me to garden!
  15. Wow, I must be blacklisted as I've tried several times for AmEx with no luck and my EX is 646. My report shows 3 late payments 25 months old and 1 PR which is my ch 7 bk from 2007. I never get anything but a denial. I don't think I'll try again for a while even though I'm waiting for my UTL to report as I just paid down lots of accounts. UTL is way high right now. Do they blacklist (I had a cc way back in 1989) that was put in consumer credit counseling but I mean that was some 26 years ago? UTL is at 67% right now but should be at 30% soon. Is it the UTL that's holding me back or the PR? Or the 3 lates? Just confused oh and Crap 1 won't let me back in because I closed my accounts 8 years ago. No luck with Chase either. Should I just garden my INQs are double digits on all reports?

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