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  1. I know I'm new here, but thought I'd give my 2 cents anyway... The truth is, my dh isn't jealous. He just isn't. I am sorta thankful for it. I can talk to whoever I want and not have to worry about him breathing down my neck about it. He has a good enough self esteem that he isn't worried about the other guys. Of course even after 10 yrs I flirt w/ my dh SO much that I think he seriously doubts I'd ever do anything! LOL. I have some friends with some handsome hubbys but the truth on that is, they ain't my type anyway! Even if they were, those are my FRIENDS and that means more to me than a piece of tale. But that's just me. I think if my relationship was forcing me to end friendships I would be wondering if I were doing the right thing. Especially if I was friends LONG before I was ever married. Not that being married shouldn't mean something, but your wife/husbands other relationships should mean something if you want to claim you love 'em. JMHO. It'd be different if there were some history there b/w you and this other guy--ya know, something to give him cause to not be trusting...otherwise, sheesh... Here's some things to consider; Has he (your dh) been cheated on in the past? Has this guy made disrespectful references about you to him or anyone else? Have you noticed any flirtations on the part of this other guy? What does your friend say about this if she knows? Well--I hope this all goes ok. I'd hate to see ya lose any of your friends because they are HARD to find. Good friends truly are...and I'd rather die than lose one of the few good friends I had. Elyse
  2. Hi there, We just went through this a few months back and took them up on their Optima offer. It's the Oasis program, right? You pay off what you owe, they offer you their Optima CC? The TL being reported is now a positive, but obviously it's closed and reporting as "paid." What they then did was they opened a new TL that was half of his previous CL. That's the Optima w/ AMEX. We've been extremely happy with them. Have they offered you TWO Oasis programs or is this offer for just one of the accounts? What's the amount you'd have to come up with? Just my two cents..good luck with whatever you decide to do. It's not for everyone-but we liked it. Elyse
  3. Thanks, I'll do just that. Gonna have to study it... Seems a bit different than dealing with regular collections. Joy-rapture. LOL. I just posted another post about this though--just looking for some individual experiences w/ the CA's in particular...if any. Sometimes it's good to know in advance certain things about a company. Thanks again. Elyse
  4. Hi there, I hope your ds is ok! At any rate, if it were me I'd try contacting the hospital's billing department. Explain your situation and see what can be done. If nothing else, perhaps they could help you apply for medicaid through your state's DSHS program. Kids need to be able to have access to medical care. In my state, we also have CHIPS as well as a program for people who work, but earn too much to qualify for state aid-but not enough to pay for their own care. The name of that program escapes me, but I'm sure someone at the hospital billing would be able to direct you, if nothing else-your local DSHS folks could. I'm sure it varies by state anyway. I sure hope the hospital would be willing to recall that collection so that you can pay on it. Have you been able to send them anything? Our hospital just accepted a 25.00 payment on my dh's hospital bill. Most of them just want to see that you are making an effort to pay, but some can be dip wads. Elyse
  5. Hi Folks, Gosh, so glad I found this site. My main issue at this point, appears to be medical collections both paid AND unpaid. Maybe it'll be good to attack one at a time...OTOH, they're all medical so maybe one sweeping SLAP motion would help, to. LOL. Keep in mind, these were debts I had attempted to work on PRIOR to coming here! My credit report... 1. Sentry Credit, 648.00. DOLA 08/2003 Unpaid. I contacted the OC and they referred me to the collection agency. I did send them a PFD offer, but received no response.2. Pacific NW Collections (vet), 500.00. DOLA 04/2002 Unpaid. I attempted to work out a negotiation w/ them for a PFD, but they would not budge so I gave up. My dh's credit report... 1. Puget Sound Collections, 236.00. DOLA 04/2002 Unpaid. 2. Merchants Medical Collections, 97.00. DOLA 03/2002. Unpaid. 3. Audit and Adjustment, 60.00. DOLA 03/2006 Paid. 4. Quick Collect, 18.00. DOLA 08/2001 Paid. 5. Physicians and Dentists Bureau, 79.00. DOLA 03/2003. Paid 6. Renton Collection, 63.00. DOLA 11/2001 Unpaid. If anyone has any experience dealing with any of these folks, your opinion is most welcome. However, it isn't my intent to bombard anyone either--so, like I said...maybe one at a time would be good. I tell ya what...I learned that this is obviously a weak point for us financially. These days, I do keep in touch w/ our medical billing folks to stay on top of it. Right now we have about 1,092.00 in current bills due to some health issues my dh suffered. Lesson learned, but I have no idea what to do about these older bills. TIA for any input. Elyse
  6. Hi Folks, Ok-so I'm new here and I have some medical collections to get cleared up. I have one for me (not counting the vet bill anymore, those morons) and about 6 for my dh. The first is Sentry Credit (mine) from 08/2003. It is unpaid and the amount is 469.00 at last check. When I contacted the OC they simply referred me to the CA. I did e-mail them w/ a PFD offer and haven't heard back. Ok, so I got desperate! Is this fixable? I won't go into DH's yet. One at a time is probably sufficient. TIA for your patience for the new gal! I've been in the credit repair game for 3 yrs, so I am fairly up to date on the how-to's, just not whychats HIPAA stuff. Elyse
  7. So far, I haven't had ONE positive result with a PFD offer. But I believe it never hurts to ask or try, ya never know til ya do. I have three debts still sitting on my CR's that I can't get removed or settled, so I'm giving up for now and letting them age off. They're like 5+ yrs old after all. One of them is medical, so MAYBE there's something I can do with that one. Elyse
  8. I have a quick question? Under what circumstances would it be advised to pay a bill, than? I mean the way our system is set up it's obviously NOT to our benefit to pay old CA's a darn thing, but I'm just wondering what bills are "acceptable" to pay. Example; accounts you KNOW are yours that JUST went to a collection agency? Obviously it's optimal to get the OC to work it out with ya, but what if they won't? What if you have the CA on NO violations? Just wondering...I'm sorta at a stalemate w/ my credit repair. Three CA's (on my CR, not counting DH's) that I just have to let age off...the darn debts are 5+ yrs old, can see NO point in paying them but I can't get them deleted either. Oh well, I'm of the mindset that CA's need to be avoided at ALL costs. Pay it before collections if you owe it. I want to be a responsible consumer...but I don't want to get up the rear with a broomstick and no vaseline either. Elyse
  9. Wow, this was truly helpful! It's good to go over these things. I'm from another credit discussion board, however sometimes some things are a bit different from site to site. This is all self explanatory and easy to follow. Thanks! Elyse
  10. Hi folks, I came over from another credit discussion board. I've been in the credit repair/rebuild area to things about 3 yrs and still working towards it. I'm so glad to see that this site has info regarding money management!! Anyway, I hope I can be a positive addition to the site! Elyse

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