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  1. I have three accounts with Chexsystems. One I believe the bank doesn't exist anymore. It was a small bank inside Kroger where I live in Georgia. The second is Bank of America, which I can pay back but I have been holding out because I have been told I still would not be able to get an account even if I did. The third account is a Wells Fargo account where I have been in dispute now for 2 years. About 2 years ago, I had an account that went negative due to an error and I had to put them off for one month till I got my next paycheck. A few days before I was to go pay the charges, they called my house. My roommate at the time (who had no knowledge of the account) answered the phone. At that time the agent proceeded to tell him all sorts of personal information and insisted that I had arranged for that roommate to pay the charges. I have been disputing the charges since then under the fact that they broke the law when they gave him the information. No progress has been made with the bank or the BBB and I don't seem to have a case interesting enough for an attorney. Is there a bank that I can get an account with in Oregon? My employer does not do direct deposit and I need one where a physical location would be available. I have been without an account for a year and lost $144 in check cashing fees from BofA . I would rather not lose any more money over this. Thanks! Kibby
  2. I am sorry for the double post. Just got word from my lawyer that we are only getting 3500 for the settlement. Now he is pulling that his fee is 33.3%! After the outstanding bill is paid, I will basically have nothing coming back to me after paying a ton out of pocket. x.x
  3. I have talked to the doctors/hospitals and have gotten nowhere so far. The line I was sued for from OHSU was supposed to be in the process of getting the debts discharged through indigent care but no luck. When I call OHSU recently I get the runaround. They don't have my file since it was sent to the credit agency, and the credit agency cannot do anything about it indigent care wise or even send it back to the hospital. Since I am counted as a single person family, most of the time the reason I get for denial is my income is too high. I have talked to them for hours on the phone and submitted all the documents they wanted but without much luck. This state especially is tough on single people who are uninsured.
  4. I only have my Equifax report. Furniture Account: $1,158 Charge off Medical Bills: aprox $15,000 Collections Loan: $1,014 Charge off Target: $152 balance, current, paid by co-owner Were it not for the medical bills this would be alot easier to handle. At the moment the 2 biggest are still with the OC. I may have more in medical bills that have not reached me yet, I cannot find the bills for 2 of my tests but that would add approx 2000 or so. I would have to contact the hospital where the tests were done. It really isn't as bad as it could be, I get a 75% discount for some of the tests. Edit: For reference, before I had to reduce my hours I could pay the 75%. But with my illness dragging on and my doctor being an flowers and not looking for a solution my cut in hours was necessary. I can't afford a second opinion or a specialist. I am applying for SSI disability, but who knows how long that could be.
  5. Ok, I am going to see if I can summarize this down without getting too long winded. Please forgive me if I ramble, I have had a very long, bad week. My credit problem started back when I was 18 and was given 2 credit cards right out of high school. Those I am sad to say were learning experiences. The first one should be off my credit now (that was 10 years ago) and the second one should be off very soon. I learned my lesson and stayed away from credit cards but unfortunately I am not a very healthy person. Three years ago I started having problems with pain in my legs. I had insurance, and saw a doctor but suddenly lost my job before I could get testing done or get a diagnosis. Instead I went homeless and worked very hard to get out of that situation. The pain got to be something I was used to and I was uninsured so I didn’t worry about it. I got a job and a home and started working myself back up to stable. I bought a car and financed it through my boss at my new job. Things were going well, I even started saving money. However the new job did not have health insurance. I got sick again, and there went the savings going to the gastroenterologist that eventually gave me a diagnosis of IBS which I don’t think is completely accurate but with his help I managed to get on a diet regimen that kept me able to work without too much trouble. Then I got into a car accident. My little Ford Escort was rear-ended by a Chevy Silverado driven by a teen who was on her cell phone. The silly girl did not even tell her parents that she had been in an accident and to prove to the insurance company what was going on I had to fax over the accident report. On the vehicle they settled for totaling it within a week. The health portion I was not so lucky. I was injured in the accident. I didn’t have much savings left and the insurance company would not budge so I got a loan to pay for the physical therapy that I needed and a lawyer to deal with the rest. As of this moment we are very close to reaching a settlement of $4000 which while not being as much as I wanted, will barely cover the money already put out and the work I missed. The accident was Nov 2007 so I am not holding my breath as to exactly when I will get it though. Well after all that I was still not doing too well so I moved up to Oregon where instead of living by myself I live with family who helps care for me. The pain in my legs has started getting progressively worse since June of last year. At one point the doctors were afraid it was a neurological condition that would require immediate surgery; however I was lucky enough that it’s not. That scare caused a $6600 emergency room bill. I am also under the care of a Neurologist now, and I just received another bill from her for $5500. Both these bills are supposed to be taken care of by indigent care but they were not. I worked 2 jobs in Georgia, totaling almost 80 hours a week. Now I can only work 24. My salary is down to $800 a month. There is no way I can afford the health bills that I have. I have tried to do everything right, I sent in all the financial aid paperwork and somehow even though I make so little I don’t qualify for the programs. I was served about a week ago, and Oregon law allows wage garnishment up to 25% of my income which would make my financial situation worse. I am looking for a way to get out of this situation so things don’t seem so bleak. With only $800 monthly and having rent and other bills I am only digging deeper.
  6. I am a bit afraid of criticism and sounding stupid I guess. That and it is a rather long and involved story.
  7. Ok, I profess that I have read a ton and thought a ton but I am still not quite sure the best direction to go from here. Is there anyone willing to help me one-on-one? I promise I won't take up too much time but I am getting rather desperate and confused and it is only making things worse. I keep peeking into chat but seeing no one. Please pm me if you are willing to help. Thank you.
  8. Are there any companies that work with students who have low credit scores? I need a boost this semester, and will be able to subsist on the normal financial aid available next semester and on. Due to medical bills my credit sucks. Any suggestions?
  9. That is what I was figuring. I hate my job (only 24-32 hours a week at minimum wage) however I can't find anything in my area that pays better. And I can't get a job that requires more of a commute without getting a better vehicle. It's a terrible cycle.
  10. 6 months time on job, approximately 1200 monthly income and 350 monthly in rent. Credit score around 500. No way I am getting a car loan I am guessing. Just wanted to ask anyway. Transmission on my van is going out and it will cost almost 2000 to fix. With the other problems the van is having I would rather get a new(er) vehicle than try to get this one fixed. I am going to hope the van lasts till I can save, but an advice is appreciated!
  11. I am sorry, the pictures for this are somewhere in Georgia and my mother lost her internet access. About the time when I was 16 we decided that the thing we had been missing from our Christmas tree all this time was gingerbread cookies. I was set on making sure I corrected this error, so I bundled up and headed to the store. This was around the time when they were first introducing the gingerbread cookie mix. I decided that was too easy for me though, I wanted to bake it from scratch. So I got my molasses and all my ingredients and I started to make the cookies. Now to this day I do not know what exactly went wrong with the batter, but I ended up with something that was the consistency of gritty dirt. Nothing I could do could revive the sticky mess, so I wrapped the dough in tinfoil and waited for my mother to get home from work. When she arrived I presented her the monstrosity in the tinfoil. My mom eyed the tinfoil and looked at me for a moment before busting out laughing. Much as my mother tried to fix it, the best we could do was get the dough able to be rolled out and baked. I decorated my little failure cookies and put them on the tree anyway. Wouldn't you know that one of my little 7 year old cousins happened by before Christmas and swiped a cookie from the tree. What an awefull face she made as she spit out the cookie she bit off onto the carpet. She then told me very matter-of-factly that that was the worst cookie she has ever eaten. I have gotten much better at baking. I cook some wonderful things now. But I still cannot bring myself to try gingerbread again.
  12. I will take your word for it. I was just wanting ballpark figures. myfico requires a cc, don't they? Unfortunately I am not able to get a bank account at the moment. Long story made short, disputes can cause all sorts of unexpected problems. Now I am hopefully wiser and working on fixing it.
  13. Due to the natural flow of time rather than any hard work one of the credit cards I got when I first got into college is departing my credit report this month. On my Experian report it is already gone. My Transunion report still shows it there. And for reasons I am not sure of yet I can't get my equifax report without sending a bunch of information in. (keeps asking me through online verification about a mortgage. I never have owned property. It's got me a bit worried.) How long do you think it will take TU to get it off there? Through this forum I have gotten alot of inquiries taken off and I am working on accounts now, but this one I don't want to mess with since it's leaving on it's own. Also, I have the other "credit lesson" from my tender teenage years showing as deleting in april of next year. However they took it to court and won a judgement (ah, ignorance). Will the account still show until the judgement drops off? (in Oregon that would be 2013.) And lastly, is there a free way to get fico scores? Or even Fako scores? Don't quite have the free money to subscribe at the moment to a monitoring service. Thanks again!
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    One of the cards I was sued in Oregon, so then would the Oregon SOL apply?
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    I know this is a bit old, but a bit of bumpage anyway.

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