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  1. Been awhile since I've checked on this thread, started back to school and got so busy. 2014 has been a great year, everything finally has fallen into place. 73k Mortgage with Yadkin Bank (Joint) 34k Chrysler Capital Auto Loan (Joint) Various limit increases about 2k in total and a second Capital One My score finally broke 600 and has been a steady climb up to 650, hubby's got as high as 670 then we bought the house and it came back down some about 640 now. Long long road but finally there is a light, our 14 years of bad luck are finally over.
  2. The boss does the payroll, hand written checks.
  3. Broke 600 finally, up to 607 (12 point increase), hubby went from 609 to 626. Getting closer to the magic number for a house!
  4. The benefits of working for a small company get better everyday, my employer would give me a funny look if I asked him about this. However I know my prior employer reported to these guys, I remember receiving the pin number in the mail years ago.
  5. What if the CRA didn't delete the TL from the telephone dispute. What if the TL is reinserted in two months? At first read I didn't catch that this was a medical collection. The CA sent me a letter stating it would be deleted (received on Sat), which the supervisor said they could send. If they wouldn't have deleted I would have just sent them a copy of a zero bill (or the letter I received). I wanted it deleted NOW not later. Using any method that is not WhyChat's HIPAA letter program on a medical collection is playing with fire. Disputing TL's in non-written form is pouring gasoline on a fire. Following the HIPAA letter program in the past has gotten me zero deletions, all it has given me was Dispute notations on the account. May work for others but has not for me. I was not trying to catch the CA in a technicallity to make them delete, the account was returned to the OC to process the insurance . The OC has filed insurance and it will be paid in full. This was an account that I did not owe them, and I wanted it deleted before the end of Febuary. It does not matter who flusters who in a conversation with a CA. I have yet to hear a valid reason in my years of studying credit/credit repair to communicate with a CA via telephone. Any statement they tell you on the telephone is hearsay as it is not in writing. I am not sure what good one could expect from a phone conversation with a CA. Even if they told you exactly what you wanted to hear, it would still not be in writing. And because it was a CA that told you exactly what you wanted to hear, it would be a lie. Point here was that I am not going to be buillied, or talked to like I'm less of a person because I have a debt. They may be an 'evil CA that just wants to hurt me' but they are still a business and will act accordingly. I can print out a letter at my job that says anything I want doesn't mean the owner has to do what it says if he doesn't like it. Everyone talks about the paper trail, and proof in reality how many people have actually had to use the paper trail? If you are dealing with a debt that has the potential to get you sued, the paper trail makes sense. I do however keep very good digital records, disputes, results, reports etc. I also have the option of recording the call and then transcribing it, and every CA I've ever called tells me they are recording for quality assurance. To newbies that may come across this thread, so that you are not misguided. 1.) ALWAYS dispute in writing 2.) Stay off the phone. ESPECIALLY with collection agencies. My point was when you get ran around in circles (even this happens with snail mail) to use the credit monitering services you have to get to a LIVE person who can get it sorted out for you. We have many tools available to us, depending on the situation. There is no one size fits all, and only one way to do it. I'm not trying to misguide anyone, just giving my experience and another option for people. Even if your are not disputing a collection it is nice to not have to hunt for a number, use what you are already paying for.
  6. It is recommended to dispute by mail when you need the paper trail, in this case I did not. I have no problem talking to debt collectors, they do not fluster or upset me it is usually the other way around.
  7. I had 2 medical collections on my report regarding care for my son, there was an insurance screw up which I corrected. I waited 2 weeks to give them a call to see what the status was. The first CSR tells me yes they did call it back, but we can't deleted it because they didn't tell us to delete it. I ask do I have a balance, no.. Ok so I don't owe you anything, no you still owe us. Round and round we went, I'm trying to get them to explain how I still owe them when the OC pulled it back and it shows no balance. So I tell the CSR I want to dispute this, because I don't owe you anything. She tells me I can't, excuse me what do you mean I can't dispute it? Finally she transfer me to a supervisor, she tells me they can send me a letter that it was pulled back if I needed it for a creditor. Then tells me it would take until the end of Febuary to be deleted (I called on the 21rd). So I tell her that I will just dispute it, it would be easier for me to do it with them but if they will not then I have to do it individually for each report. To which she replied that it would just make it take longer, if the CRA's send them a dispute and I don't owe them anything it gets deleted. Atleast that is how it is supposed to work, not take a month an half to be removed. It was a day for me to be ran in circles, I tried 5 different phone numbers for experian. Every single one wanted a report number or just hung up on me, so I tried online that didn't work either. Then I remembered BB&T Identity Protection uses experian, so I call them up. The CSR was great, he couldn't provide me with the report number BUT he could transfer me directly to experian dispute department. Which connected me with Jeff, who was more then happy to put in my 2 disputes. And 2 days later both are gone. Moral of the story is, you pay for credit monitoring services and you just may not be getting all of your benefits. If I had known I could just call them up and not get jerked around that would have been my first stop.
  8. Did you make a purchase that day? I think there is verbiage that states when you open a new account and use it today to make a purchase. I just opened one but didn't make a purchase on the day I opened it, no credit for me.
  9. Best Buy, Game Stop, Radio Shack, and a few other large retailers always want to see my card and my ID. Even when I swipe the card myself, they want me to show it to them with my ID and they enter the last 4 digits into the register. They don't compare my signature, just my name. My cards are all signed, never had an issue I use uni-ball fine waterproof/fade-proof pens.
  10. Tried backdoor got the same line, so I went to the source of the issue Equifax. Equifax is mailing capital one a copy of the updated report without the fraud alert, they get the updated one and I get no inquiry. I always wondered how you can get your report resent to creditors after something was deleted, now I know. Pretty bad that EQ was so much more understanding of the issue and helped me resolve it then tell me I'm SOL and need another inquiry.
  11. This month applied jointly with my husband to refinance our auto loan with Capital One, they have been sending me offers for the last 6 months so I was going to take them up on it. I also applied for one of their rewards cards at the same time. I receive a letter back from both saying they tried to contact me about the fraud alert on EQ (it was just removed a few days ago), no one called me yet they insist they did. My contact number is a google voice number that forwards to my messenger, email, my home pc, mine and my husbands cell so no way all of that missed it. Talked to both departments about the letters, answer was to reapply, told them no thanks I don't need 2 more sets of inquires from you on ALL my reports. I have a Capital One account, they have my correct information, my address is on my report. I also added a contact number to the fraud alert while I was waiting for it to be removed. Any way I can get past the front line CSR who tell me to do what I've already done?
  12. Capital One increased my regular platinum to $1,000 from $500 ($300 credit steps originally), and just got off the phone with 2 very friendly CSR who upgraded me to the Quicksilver One. They may be crap one but in the end the same could be said for all credit card issuers, I'm just happy to see the love no matter how tiny it is.
  13. I've managed to untangle more of the medical collections, it would seem 2 were for my son. He is covered by 2 insurance plans (ex husband, and medicaid) and when they did the billing they entered medicaid first which resulted in a denial because it can only be used as a secondary to my ex's insurance. I was told they would pull the bills back from collection, and run the insurance correctly. So now I am waiting to see how long it takes them to correct this, these were added to my report about a month ago so still fairly new and probably why I've gotten denials stating "time too recent since last late payment/collection".
  14. Another 2 medical collections bite the dust, they were for my son not me and he has 2 medical insurance plans. Surprisingly both the collection agency it was assigned too and OC were helpful. CA gave me the number to the OC so that I could get them to correct the insurance. Seems they entered his secondary insurance as his primary so it refused to pay, now they are removing it from collections and billing the insurance properly.
  15. Order was placed on Wednesday, funny the charge my husband made on his card in the store has already posted to his account and it was made on Thursday night. This is my first statement, so I don't know when it will close. Just trying to be proactive and stay ahead of the credit game, sucks when they limit my ability to play lol.

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