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  1. Ok, that may be. Yes, we should be foreclosed on soon. Is this a foreclosure notice? Should it say that somewhere? I have read every inch of it and can't find the word "foreclosure." :-/
  2. It must have been notarized at the time. It was 10 years ago, but just a normal closing. We went in and signed a million papers, then left. The only thing I can think of is the fact that the note is only in my husbands name. We received better financing with just him on it. But that was not a surprise during closing...
  3. We had a normal closing. I signed where I was told to sign. :-( It says "You have been sued." On the cover page. This is stressing me out. :-/
  4. Nowhere on it does it say intent to accelerate or notice of default. This was served by a sheriff. One to me and one to my husband.
  5. 1. Discovery level 2 Texas Rules of Covil Procedure 2. Ditech, LLC is authorized to do business in the state of Texas 3. Information about where husband resides to serve him. 4. Information about where I reside to serve me. 5. This is a lawsuit to declare that a deed of trust encumbers defendants property located in XXX county. 6. Amount of controversy is within limits. (No amount listed anywhere in paperwork.) 7. Date we filed special warranty deed. 8. Amount and date that we made money transfer to purchase home. 9. For unknown reasons, but patently due to error and mutual mistake, the deed of trust was not signed by the defendant, xxxxx. 10. It was the agreement of the parties that the deed of trust would encumber all rights, titles and interests of defendant xxx in the property. 11. Plaintiff Ditech, is the current holder of the promissory note secured by the deed of trust. 12. Plaintiff Ditech, respectfully requests that the court declare pursuant to Tex. Civ. Prac &I Remember Code 38.001, er seq, that the deed of trust encumbers the property with a first priority purchase money lien, including all rights, titles and interests of defendant in the property beginning retroactively from the deed of trusts original execution date.
  6. No, just have one loan. But they are suing me, but it says nothing about foreclosure. Just something about my name not being on the deed.
  7. I was just served by Ditech (mortgage company) for this: 5. This is a lawsuit to declare that a deed of trust encumbers defendants property...? What in the world does this mean?
  8. My husband is a teacher and I have started a small business this year. I have not made very much money at all and when I fill out the business expenses portion of our tax form, it makes us have a huge refund. This is very scary, we have never received a refund before (this is my first year not working due to having a child). It looks like the miles I have put on my vehicle are the culprit. (Alot of driving with the business). I have not made much this year but I am hoping that all of the driving I did will benefit next year and my business will grow. I guess I am saying I feel shady looking at my tax return and seeing that my business is a $25,000 loss. When in reality it just does not feel like I was so negative.......... Although I did not even break even. Will it be flagged by the IRS? Should I limit my losses this year? So I the numbers on my forms do not look so strange? Please any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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