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  1. Stripe is only meant for people doing 25-50k a year IIRC. They got pretty upset pretty fast at how much I had going through them. I don't want to hear about fees though I pay 4-6% because I'm considered 'high risk' despite not a single chargeback out of hundreds and hundreds of transactions purely based on the industry.
  2. Ofcourse, since this deals with a mortgage, squeezing a lemon off the collection personnel may simply give them the impetus to move forward with other, more extreme, measures. Have you secured other housing yet? It is a second mortgage for a very very small amount, small as in like 1/15th of the value of the house. They've just changed her payment due date on her a time or two and keep messing her up and this month it was even worse as we just got slapped with a tax bill because our state is doing property taxes very screwy this year and are dividing the tax bills up an extra time or two and this time they mailed them out to everyone with only a business week to make payment. She was one day late and this fool was already knocking on the door and ringing the phone off the hook.
  3. Perhaps next time I'll answer and say "what is this about?" "how much does she owe?"
  4. Is he even within his rights to come here? I get phone calls and mail, but isn't pounding on our door harassment to the extreme, and even stalking?
  5. My mother is about 15 days late on an AIG payment, the salamander that works there comes to the house every other night and pounds on the front door till someone answers. I KNOW this has to be illegal, at least it should be. What can be done about it? He has never even come when she's home, he only comes when she ISN'T home and I shouldn't have to be interrupted every evening during dinner by this fool. How would he like me knocking on his door every other day? Can I warn him he is trespassing then have him removed? He's the Branch Manager no less... does he not have a life?
  6. I am (and that wasn't sarcasm)
  7. what makes cash prime in your view? Walk into a car dealer with a credit card, and cash... You'll walk out with a better deal with the cash.
  8. It's been 1.84-1.88 here for 2 and a half weeks
  9. and that's a great point, because no one is "happy" unless they start out with something 2000 square feet, because they *need* that much room. Who is going to make homes that no one wants? It's almost ridiculous. People used to pay for their homes, and they had smaller homes, because they could only buy what they could pay for. It doesn't have to be like that, but it should be that you should have 20% down. "People used to pay for their homes, and they had smaller homes, because they could only buy what they could pay for. It doesn't have to be like that" So things should just be free then, no? Since you don't think people need to pay for what they want...
  10. Exactly, instead of having 2k square feet for 2 people, they'll have to "sacrifice" and get something smaller... they wouldn't actually use the extra space anyway... they'd just fill it with financed furniture.
  11. EXACTLY! Homes aren't as cheap as they used to be you know! 40% of hundreds of thousands of dollars will prevent families from every becoming firsttime homeowners. When you are single and making a professional salary (as someone mentioned) then it might be doable if they are spendthrifts and are buying a condo or so. But a blue collar family with 2.3 kids will most certainly never accumulate that much money (before the kids go off to college). This is a throwback to the days when only the wealthy could be landowners. The rest of us will be reduced to feudal surfs, sharecroppers and renters. No it will just make people buy houses that fit them, instead of having 2k square feet for 2 people.
  12. SURE IT IS... After you RENT for the first 62 years of your life I might be able to save $10k a year and I if I wanted to buy a $200k house, I would have to save for 20 years. Screw that. Edited by admin to remove profanity. Let's keep the profanity off this site please. If you saved for 20 years you would own it... if you paid for 30-45 years you'd own it... I'd say the saving works out best.
  13. Hrmm interesting, I haven't heard about this and I'm a card holder... not that I shop there much anyway. I'll buy something every now and then just to keep TL active.
  14. That is kinda crappy service, but I've called their CS a few times and never had anything but good dealings with them.

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