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  1. Thank you, they have have call just send a settlement letter so I will send the FOAD letter ASAP. Thanks again
  2. This is a 7 year old account it seams they sold it to CM when the 7 year mark happen and arrow was dropped from the report.
  3. Arrow dropped off my credit report but sold the account to capital management services, they are offering a settlement for $2300 for a total owe of $11k acording to them. Also the accoutn with arrow was about 7 years old when they sold it and the amount i owe was never 11k. How should I respond to them can capital management report this in my credit report and make an old account new?
  4. How long does the appeal process take after the security has been revoked? My husband just resubmited his paper work after they revoked it becuase the financial proof did not mitigate it. We send all the proof and more so no we are waiting but i wanted to know does the board meet monthly or does the new file get review as soon as they receive it?
  5. My husband is currently deployed, this is his 2nd tour and it has cause a great financial problem. its been 3 months since he has been away and his pay still screw up, there is pay from March that he has not gotten pay and he still has not gotten pay for any of his entitlements. All I keep getting is we are working on it, well we are working on it does not pay my bills or buys food for my kids. This has cause a hardship and has cause our credit to take a downfall.
  6. Melkat

    Chex system

    I just found out I'm on chex system with wells Fargo this account shows as paid as of 2005 how can i go about disputing. Does chex system have to be disputed like a collection? ( frivolous or not mine.) Please help.
  7. I sent a proof that is mine type letter to the collection agency and ofcourse they never responded. so I send Tu the letter I send the CA and a copy of the CMRR. At this point I don't know what should be my next step.
  8. So what should my next step be, what type of letter should I send? do you recommend me sending the letter handwritten in teal or purple ink.
  9. Yes I been disputing CMRR. Sorry, but what is procedural request
  10. I just received a letter from TU they state they will not re-investigate since it has been verify by the collection agency (Aargon) and that the request is frivolus. The said only if I send them paper from the collection agency or court papers will they reinvestigate. I did the 1-2 punch and never received any infor from the collection agency so I send TU a copy of the letter and the a copy of the green card and asked them that the collection agency never responde to proof that i owe this amount and that Tu needed to deleted and that's when I got this letter. What can I do next? I'm so frustrated and discourage
  11. If its past sol can they still send them to collections? in NV sol for open accounts is 4 years. Should I dispute it as obsolete to the CRA or that only works if it has been past 7 years? Should I send a validation to gateway or keep disputing with the CRA's?
  12. I'm curious why would a goodwill been better? was your account paid off?

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