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  1. The free FICO is nice and so are the 5% categories, depending on your spend habits. The biggest issue with Discover is low starting limits. I'm at $25,000 with them now, but it took a while.
  2. There have been reports of double pulls with other card issuers as well. Not a good trend.
  3. There is a lot of time and money required to B* EQ.
  4. Alliant seems to have toughened their underwriting criteria as of late. There is a thread here - http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=509209, that references a cap at 15-20k. Other recent threads show insane amounts of paperwork required for CLIs. I don't want to waste an EQ hard if there isn't a point.
  5. So I looked through the last 10 pages of CreditPulls for Alliant, and saw only two entries that listed a credit limit above 15k. Does anyone here have a limit above 15k, and if so, how difficult was it to obtain? Alliant is my new lowest limit (15k) after closing PenFed, and if I can't get a CLI, it's next on the chopping block.
  6. FNBO is a conservative bank, but their free EX FICO and low APR cards are attractive. They consistently get high marks from Forbes each year: https://www.firstnational.com/common/shared/forbes/index.html. PenFed and FNBO both have their respective pros and cons. Pick the one best suited for you.
  7. You realize this thread is a year old? PenFed loves your or hates you, regardless of credit/income qualifications. This is well established. My FICOs are 800+ with no debt and almost a six figure income. PenFed didn't trust me with a 8k CL.
  8. OP, Credit Unions tend to require more financials to join and apply for credit than banks do. Requests for proof of employment, income, residence, identity, etc.. are usually par for the course. I would look at getting credit from a major bank instead of a CU, but that is based solely on my personal experience. I just recently told PenFed to close my credit card due to subprime terms. YMMV of course.
  9. I would argue that PenFed will not grow with you. You may be better off by ending the relationship when your financial profile improves. Their traditional cash rewards card now only has 3% back at the pump, plus a $25 annual fee. There are better alternatives.
  10. So is it still possible to get daily pulls through USAA without being grandfathered? Now that EC is out, too, that limits the options somewhat. There are MPM and CS, but that's only two. Quizzle Pro is not happening at $3.95/pull.
  11. It is worth noting that First National recently re-designed their websites. Not all of them may be updated with the same information yet.
  12. Which card were you attempting to apply for? No dice on any of these, tried for Discover 1st: https://www.fnbomaha.com/site/personal/personal.fhtml It appears they are only accepting applications from certain states right now. Quite possibly where they have a physical presence.
  13. IIRC, they only pull Experian. Still, it's a good alternative to the now (effectively) closed membership PSECU.
  14. Not sure if this has been posted or not, but FNBOmaha is now offering free FICO scores to their CC customers. It looks like a credit card enhanced flavor, pulled from Experian. This is what it shows to customers: http://imageshack.us/f/5/okq5.png/
  15. OwNt

    DCU Sucks!

    Once DCU is unable to verify an identity, it's pretty much the kiss of death. Even if you gave them a DNA sample I doubt they would care. You emailed a VP and I emailed the CEO. Looks like we both had the same end result. I consider it a bullet dodged if they can't verify an identity online in this day and age.
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