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  2. Hope you feel better soon.
  3. I was watching a show shipping wars the other night. Seems there is a broker service that carriers bid to haul stuff. The prices seemed really reasonable, maybe you could look into posting a job bid.
  4. Even older iPhones out perform many android devices. Even if you are a tinkerer the iPhone is a viable option via jailbreaking. In fact the jailbreak community had an app store before apple. To me android has promise but the build quality, user interface, restricting of options or upgrades in software (every manufacturer can tinker with it) being device dependent. Sorry that's just too many negatives for me. Then throw all the virus and malware rampant on the droid market. Uhm, sorry pass.
  5. Hope she gets better soon and there are no permanent effects.
  6. Been my experience that it is a per line fee. Cost me over a grand to tell Sprint to hug a root.
  7. I once worked for a PD where the Chief ordered the break up of a hop scotch game because the kids were violating a 6 pm curfew. I resigned from that department very shortly after.
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    Well my man boobs are getting bigger, but on the bright side they are still just as sensitive as ever.
  9. I beg to differ! I needed to take a Monday off and approached my supervisor if I could get the day off. She says well I was going to take Monday off, but I have no plans. You take Monday and I'll change my day to Friday. Given that and the fact that she has never ever once denied a day off request and has always done anything she could to insure I could get any perk, program, training course, and even helped me move I have to say yours is a close second!
  10. I refuse to buy anything that the kids can use a controller with. I bought the thing to get them off the couch. So the little @)$?'s just download all the freebie trial versions!
  11. What a thing of beauty! Will you be my father figure?
  12. How does this not fall under the realm of criminal usury?

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