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  1. How? Ask them? They just gave me a CLI, but I still have a balance on there
  2. Thanks for the advice. I am waiting a few months, 1-3, till I hit that LUV button. Merrick is not bad for me, mid pack as far as limits go, and one of the lower APRs. unfortunately i wasn't in a position to PIF, but recently PIFed about 1/2 of my cards, and brought the others to <50%. Waiting till the dust settles and want to then work on higher limits and lower APRs.
  3. Yes, it is best to PIF, but on the occasion you need to carry a balance for a few months I would prefer to use a card with low rates. Currently my rates on several cards are 17-27%. I am sure there are better cards with better rates. My scores are coming up, currently in the low side of the "Good" range., and should go up more once all the payoffs report to the CRAs Current cards include Discover, Cap 1, Merrick, Chase, Citi Best Buy, and some store cards. Limits typically $2k - $5k Where should I be looking for better cards?
  4. Should I also dispute mis-spelling of my name, and not complete names, (missing middle initial and suffix) ?
  5. If I pay the Dr, wouldn't the CA no longer have an account to collect? Making the listing void?
  6. I am able to pay the initial provider (the Doctor) now , should I? Or wait till the accounts are off my reports?
  7. Help with Eastern Account Systems I have a collection showing up on my 3 reports from Eastern Account Systems (EAS) for a medical bill from back in 5/2015. The account is listed as first opened in 6/2016. I have never made a payment to them, nor have I even contacted them. They now have "updated" the balance in 7/2019 (I am assuming to attempt to extend the SOL), yet I never did anything, and the reports list the balance as the same amount. Looking to possibly buy a home in the next year or 2, and would like to see this gone. What are my options? I am in a better position financially then I was 3 years ago, and could pay the medical provider directly, or do i wait out the SOL ? I also just recently payed down some CC debt, and pulled all majors + Innovis, so i have an idea where I sit. I just have this medical collection and 2 lates with Cap1. the lates are on 2 different Cap1 accounts in the same month about 3.5 years ago. Is it worth trying a good will? Or just let them age gracefully? thanks!
  8. So somehow I wound up getting a 30 day late on two of my Capital One accounts. It was a raw deal, I was a few days late and the CSR called me to discuss payment. they said they would accept a payment on xx, then again on yy to get back to current, I said sure ( i was in a bind) and agreed. few months later the 30 day lates show up I was pissed. Fast forward to 3-1/2 years later, and they still show on the reports, I knew they would, but how do I get them to clear out? Do I sent a good will letter? Or just let them age gracefully. Might be in the market for a used car loan next year and just doing some house cleaning.
  9. It has been a while since I did any housecleaning on the credit reports, and to my surprise found several incorrect addresses, old addresses, etc in my 3 reports. What is the best way to handle these now? I haven't done it in over 10 years. I have a few incorrect addresses, and one report has addresses that are almost 20 years old. Thanks Rusty
  10. I can probably expect creditors to balance chase?? If it matters, 14 accounts (38k total limit) , no lates, 1 medical collection that will be disputed, and likely removed.
  11. So... I have about 30k ( >90% utl on most cards) in CC debt, ran a lot of that up adjusting after a separation/divorce, finances are getting back on course. However, due to the high interest rates, some in the upper 20% range (will ask how to lower them in another topic), I am finding it hard to keep up. I have applied for a loan against my 403b for about 20k, which by my calculation will give me an additional $350/m after paying off several cards (starting with the highest interest rates first). My question is how should I pay the cards off? Should I just dump the payments at one time? or spread them out a little? Will the card holders think something is wrong when suddenly my utl goes from really high to something in the 30% range? I don't want the cards to be closed or reduced, but I am sure as heck not using them. Thanks!
  12. @Why Chat Medical service dates are from around May 2015. I never knew I owed, then by chance i called to make an appointment and they told me I owed. We started a payment plan about 6 months ago, and at some point I forgot about it (it has been a rough year, going through a seperation), then the collection letter showed up. Yes, my current address (for the next week or so) is the address I had when the medical charges were incurred, and when I recieved the collection letter. I do have even older addresses, even thought I am at my current address for about 10 years. As for the Split file, last time I looked at my TU report, it was correct, BUT missing several accounts. @kimbachelle I have my EX and EQ reports from annualcreditreport.com, TU amd MIB are the only reports I have to wait for. By then I will have the new address @ anyone I also have several varitions of my name on my reports. Officially my name is written as "First M Last Suffix" but I have several like: F Last First Last First M Last First Last Suffix (everyone follows, right?) Should I bother to dispute them as well. I have never opened any account with other than my complete full name as "First M Last Suffix".
  13. OK, opted out Requested EX, EQ, MIB. I tried to request TU from the annual site on online, but it couldn't be processed. I had to call the 877-322-8228 number for the annual report. I think this my be do to a split file with TU. Last time I saw my TU file it had only a few of my accounts showing. Anyone know how to get them to fix?
  14. Here is one issue I am going to have. I am moving NOW, this week. I can "op-out" with no problem, but deleting old addresses can be an issue. it is going to be a few weeks before I get a new driver's license and a utility bill for address verification. Can I start the procedure at my current address, and just update the new address as I get the documents showing I live at the new address??? Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone! Several years ago, with the help of this forum, I was able to clean up my mess of credit reports. And get a fairly good credit rating. (I paid every bill off as well ) Well.... I seem to be in need of help again. I have a collection agency attempting to collect a medical debt, they sent a "2nd" letter. The CA is saying they sent me the first letter >30 days ago, and since I did not dispute, they are taking that as a sign that the debt is valid. I do not recall ever receiving said letter, but I still want them to verify the debt. It is for about $800-ish. I will check with the medical office, I haven't been to them in a year or so, and if I do indeed owe it I will settle directly with the medical office. But in the mean time, I now have a collection and a late on an otherwise clean credit report. What is the best strategy to clean this up? On top of all this, I am moving this week. thanks!
  16. OK, it's like this. Went mortgage shopping last week, and a few things are still on my reports, that I think should have dropped. I was able to get Equifax and Experian no problem, but i went to get a TransUnion report, and the website said "cannot process at this time", tried the free annual report, and got the same message. Then I called them, got the automated machine, and got the same error. i answered a few more questions and the automated system said if all the info was verified i would have one mailed in 4-8 days, or something to that effect. I want to speak to a human! Does anyone have a TU contact that is human? Thanks ps, my sig needs updating, big time.
  17. I have a police report, from a year ago, when I think this started (other accounts at other bank I never applied for showed up). I guess a nice letter to their legal dept is in order. OR would a letter to the CEO or similiar exec be in order first?
  18. If this is in the wrong place please move. Long story short, I am blacklisted on PayPal, no appeals! Fine, I will deal with not having a paypal account. BUT... they have also flagged any credit card I have ever used with them, so that when I go to a merchant that uses paypal to process credit cards I will be declined. I have probably used all of my cards at one point in time with paypal. Paypal accuses me of fraud, due to many open accounts. I provide information stating I have only 2 accounts (personal, and corp buisness) They say the issue is that all the others look like they are from me as well. I asure them the are not. They do not care! Accounts locked, cards blocked!! What recourse do I have at this point? I have many long time vendors that I use, that use these leaches for CC processing. Paypal's answer for this was to find new vendors, nice! This is starting to become a real headache! Isn't there a law that thy have to allow me to clear my name or something. I look like I am a crook, and I am not! BTW, this is all due to ID theft!!!
  19. do they have your money tied up? if not then its not worth the hassle imo. THey have a whopping $6. But that is not my concern. This started a year aro when I had an issue with USAA Bank, USAA said I had several accounts, I counted at least 6, and the theif was using PayPal transfers to move the money. I call PAyPAl then and let them know. At that time they onluy found 2 accounts. Those were mine. no other accounts with my ID were found. Now a year later they find more. I want to nail this SOB! I think he is local to me. I woul never have guessed there would be another person with my name less them 5 miles away. Same first name, last name differs only by 1 letter, and it is a repeating lette ( I have 's' they have 'ss' in there name.
  20. How do I file a subpeona to get my records from PayPal? I spoke to a rep again today, and pretty much got the canned responce, "it is a buisness decisinon, we feel you are a risk... blah, blah...." I asked her for a reason, she said I couild get a lawyer and file a subpeona for the reason/records etc... I got the address for their legal dept from her. Should I try a letter first (CMRRR) for a reason, then go the subpeona route? Do i really need a lawyer to file one? thanks Rusty
  21. What recourse do you think I have? I HONESTLY only had 2 accounts. This is a part of a bigger ID theft event that i think I posted about here last year. At that time I contacted PayPal, and they said I had only 2 accounts (personal and buisness). Fast forward to this week, and suddenly I have more then 2. I will call them again and ask to speak to a supervision, then their legal dept, and see what happens. I am not hopeful, but we will see. I still don't understand why 2 good accounts are dumped with the trash! Even after I prove my ID. I really need to cap this off, I need to find the person who stole my ID!
  22. I need to send money to someone, not purchase or sell something.
  23. Hi While not credit related, I am sure someone has an answer to this dilema. PayPal has closed both my personal and business accounts and that is their final decision. They claim I have multiple accounts, more then those two, and to prevent fraud they closed the accounts. Now I don't have to tell you how that is going to put a damper on things. The question I have now is, what is a viable alternative in the United States to PayPal? How can I send money online to another person? has anyone ever been able to reverse PayPal's decesion? Thanks Rusty
  24. Wat about on larger cards with say 8,500 on a 10,000 limit. How can I spread them out?
  25. How much can I start paying off to avoid having the limit reduced. After the last 12 months or so, and seeing everyone have their limits reduced on their cards I have a question about paying off some of my cards in large lumps. I received a bonus from work, and I want to pay off some/all of my cards. How much can I pay off on say a 1000 limit card with 800 on it, before the CC company balance chases it down. Should I spread the payments over 2-3 months, or just pay all off and hope for the best Thanks

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