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  1. After being stuck at $49, 500 for a while, I requested a CLI last weekend. They called and offered an instant increase of $500 or a higher increase if I sent in a pay stub. I sent the pay stub and was bumped to $56,500.
  2. I have a BOA Amex, I can't find anywhere to request a CLI. There used to be a place where I would always get the hard pull language. :|
  3. Cool. It's tempting to try today, but I'll wait until tomorrow.
  4. Waited three months and got a $500 bump. I like that it put me at an even $49K.
  5. I checked my impact, too. All I got was 09/12/2017. Lovely.
  6. Awesome! Is there anything in the section about the key factors affecting your score?
  7. After a couple of months of denials, I tried this morning and got a decent bump. "Congratulations! You will receive a credit line increase of $7,000." This puts me at $48,500.
  8. I hope this was your first year with the card. Why? Had it since 2007. Used it as primary card to take advantage of double cash back promo we snuck in on. Then continued to use it because the rewards were decent. For comparison, use on all other credit cards only added up to about $25k.
  9. Received a small bump of $1,500. Credit line now at $41,500. I just check our 2016 Year End Summary and it shows we used Discover quite a bit. Purchases$95,102.92 Cash Advances$0.00 Balance Transfers$0.00 Spending$95,102.92 Payments & Credits-$94,875.08
  10. Update: Called dental office and disputed charge. Insisted they recall from CA. Sent letter with signature confirmation to CA detailing where they were wrong. Received letter from CA showing the collection account was closed. Received letter from dentist showing account was closed and all charges had been written off. Slam dunk. Thanks for the advice!
  11. I need advice on this. A collection letter was sent to my wife at my father's address. It's for dental work our daughter received and hadn't paid for because it was being resubmitted by the dental company. The dental insurance is in my wife's name. My daughter called the dentist and they said to tell my wife not to worry because they refiled with insurance again and her account was on hold. They left a voicemail saying all that. So, I plan to send a dispute to the collection agency, First Federal Credit Control, Inc. They sent the collection letter on Oct 21. I hesitated to reply because it was received at an address that was not ours or my daughter's. We live in Virginia and my father and daughter live in Texas. When I dispute, should I include our Virginia address? What should I say in my dispute? TIA.
  12. I used Discover as my primary card for a year and got an additional $980 back. I'm happy with that return.
  13. Who else still uses NCID? I know a bunch of us here signed up around 2007. I've been using the service since then. My wife and I get all three reports and TU score for just $8.95 per month. It's crazy. I figured the price would have increased or been dropped by now. I check our reports a few times a week rather than once a day like I used to. I'm not sure what I'll do if it ever goes away.
  14. I recommend negotiating through email. I've purchased my last four cars that way. It removes the intensity of the situation and the intimidation factor for me. I only went to the dealership to test drive the car and finalize the sale. I did a lot of research and knew exactly what my parameters where before emailing dealerships. I asked for detailed quotes so I could compare one place to another and countered with an OTD price. I immediately found out who was willing to work with me. A lot of dealerships have a department dedicated to these types of sales and it's just a straight business deal without all the drama. Try it.
  15. Credit line bumped up to $40k from $33k today. Last increase was in February. Sweet deal.

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