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  1. I didn't find a thread on this, but I imagine others received notice that their Bank of America Accelerated Rewards American Express is being converted to Unlimited Cash Rewards Visa Signature. I'm annoyed for several reasons. I won't have an Amex card any longer, I'll get a new card and number, I already have two Visa Signature cards, I'm fine with the cards I have and don't like people messing with my stuff, the change is not a benefit to me, and it just doesn't feel right. About half of why I'm not happy about it is the loss of Amex that I use to get discounts or cash back deals sometimes. It was rare but at least an option. I guess I'm just venting and wondering what others' takes on it are. 😠
  2. Nice! I tried the $2 thing a few times. Chase, Discover, and Penfed all credited my account the $2 and reported $0 to the credit agencies. I then tried $5 and Penfed and Discover paid it again. So, I went with $10 for a while. I recently tried $5 and they all reported correctly. I did the $5 with two Chase cards, two Penfed cards, Discover, US Bank, BoA Amex, Citibank, and Home Depot store card. I haven't tracked the affect on my score. I let a small balance report to show activity and keep the accounts from being closed. Last month, I let $5 report on my Citi card that I hadn't used in 19 months and they gave me a $2,000 CLI to $18k.
  3. TU FICO Score 8 via BoA. It has been bouncing around between 820 and 850 for the last few years. In January 2021 it was 849, and in April it was 828. 🙂
  4. It has been a while, so I requested a CLI. They asked for proof of income via fax or mail. I chose mail. They bumped it up to $63,500. This card started out with a $2,000 CL. It took 13.5 years of semi-regular CLI requests to get there. 🙂
  5. Chase Freedom and Discover it. I rotate between the two depending on reward categories and statement closing date. 😀
  6. Requesting a CLI on this card dropped off my radar for the past few years. I just tried it and received a $2K increase to $16K. I use the card once or twice a year and let it report a $10 balance. 😀
  7. After being stuck at $49, 500 for a while, I requested a CLI last weekend. They called and offered an instant increase of $500 or a higher increase if I sent in a pay stub. I sent the pay stub and was bumped to $56,500.
  8. I have a BOA Amex, I can't find anywhere to request a CLI. There used to be a place where I would always get the hard pull language. :|
  9. Cool. It's tempting to try today, but I'll wait until tomorrow.
  10. Waited three months and got a $500 bump. I like that it put me at an even $49K.
  11. I checked my impact, too. All I got was 09/12/2017. Lovely.
  12. Awesome! Is there anything in the section about the key factors affecting your score?
  13. After a couple of months of denials, I tried this morning and got a decent bump. "Congratulations! You will receive a credit line increase of $7,000." This puts me at $48,500.
  14. I hope this was your first year with the card. Why? Had it since 2007. Used it as primary card to take advantage of double cash back promo we snuck in on. Then continued to use it because the rewards were decent. For comparison, use on all other credit cards only added up to about $25k.
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