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    reading, movies, music, my cat and my boyfriend. but not always in that order...
  1. J.Jill carries 14s and 16s and XLs in the stores and up to 4x in the catalogs. jjill.com
  2. They still said no. Utilization is too high. So I'll just *b* the inq off. No big deal.
  3. They gave you that decision over the phone? I though it went to new accounts for approval which I am sure is closed now. Call back and find out what's up. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yep. Rep was nice about it but said it was declined. What's the number to call? Or should I just wait for the letter and try then?
  4. Sorry kids, it was declined. PG has already been pulled for the day but I'm sure they pulled TU. Guessing that the balances on too many cards and high utilization did me in. Oh well, yet another inq to *b* away.
  5. $30 isn't bad for a fee. And the first year is free. Ok, after the SO wakes up and goes to work, I'll apply. (Because he so doesn't need to know! Bad me!) Really. (10 CARDS? Do I really need 10 cards????!)
  6. Damnit, y'all are so not helping me! Ok, getting offline due to awesome lightening storm. Will apply later tonight and let y'all know. Good point George, thanks! Oh and there's only one inq on TU, from late Jan. The offer in the letter expires in late May, so I could wait til then... (but I know I won't...)
  7. Have Blue Cash since May last year. Got this nifty letter in today's mail about being pre approved for Starwood. I have 9 (!) cards now, 8 have balances, although none are maxed and balances on all but 1 are fairly low. Overall utilization is high, around 30%. Today's FAKOs are TU - 645 EX - 637 EQ - 637 Living in Illinois, so TU would be pulled. I know Amex pre approvals are pretty much a shoo in but with the high utilization, is it worth it? And I really don't need another card but if I got a decent CL, it would so help with utilization. (and I've been jonesing for another Amex....someone talk me out of this!)
  8. I've been keeping on online journal for over six years. The last year and a half it's been on Live Journal. Link is in my sig. Usually about my day at work, or the new things the SO and I discover in our wonderings around town. Often filled with pictures of my cat doing something cute.
  9. Um, no. Don't pay your rent late. That's the roof over your head.
  10. Hmm..well they lurve me. $2000 to start. Upped to $2800 at six months. Month later upped to 4400(?I think, can't remember), last month upped to 6100. I L.O.V.E. that button!
  11. Ok I'll play. I just got back from vacation. Which ment no nookie for a week. And what shows up the day before yesterday for the monthly visit? So there goes any chance of nookie for another week.
  12. Pen Fed pulls EQ and you should be ok with that score. Good luck!
  13. Discover gave me instant approval. With MBNA, I called first and after talking with a rep, they gave me instant declined. (I was pushing my luck, had too many inqs on TU from an app spree) BofA gave me instant declined (see above), they probably do instant approval. Citi, Amex, and Chase were also instant approvals.
  14. dd135 - You bring up a very good point. The article says that the retail cards are sales driven, leaving some/me with the impression that approval is in the bag, but with groups like Citi behind alot of retail cards, approval could be tougher. Thanks for the heads up. My Blog Bob D. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I can vouch for this. The card from the store where I work is a Citi issued card. Citi has been the issuer for about three years. I see more declines now than I did back then, and I'm seeing lower CLs on the initial approval. I've also noticed that some customers have to go through some serious hoops to get approved. I know it's for their own security but when you've told a customer that it's an instant approval (90% of the time it is, we can process the application on the register), and then you have to call to verify everything under the sun, (and sometimes still get declined), it makes for unhappy customers. That 10% seems worth it when you're shucking out $1000+,(we have customers who spend that much) but unless you PIF, that's one nasty bill with the APR included.

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