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  1. Do you have rental coverage on your policy? It sounds like you may have to end up using your collision coverage. If they are blaming each other, and there are no independent witnesses, this could end up going into Inter Company Arbitration before a final liability decision is made. In any case, you're the innocent party so you're going to get paid, but it may be a question of COmpany A paying 50% and Company B paying 50%, or some other apportionment, ya know? It can be a long process. Did the airbags both deploy? Does the front of the car look like it's significantly swayed one way or the other? We used to have a short quiz that we'd give each person and if their answers raised the score over a certain amount, it was determined the car was likely a total loss and we'd just move it to salvage. If the appraiser got out there and it was not totalled, we would pay the cost to move it to the body shop of their choice. This is exactly what it sounds like. My company was trying to avoid me paying the deductible by having the other party fix it. And yeah, the police report is still not ready. They changed the process of how it's handled so now it's taking a long time. There were independent witnesses, I don't know what they said, but i recall the police talking to them. @Z I'm sure by some miracle it could be fixed, the cost to do it may be better spent on getting a new car. The other companies may be waiting on the p/r to see if there are any witnesses listed, what the police officer listed as contributing factors, a diagram of the accident on the report, etc.
  2. When my ex roommate car got hit in a parking lot of her apartment building by an older person that should not have been driving. Apparently she backed up into my ex roommates car and kept circling around (don't ask that's how it was shown in the police report) she got the insurance information right away (can't remember if it was from the police officer or the other driver) It's been a week? I'm surprised no one's contacted you yet. Have you called the police department and ask where your police report is? No the report isn't ready. I've called a cpl times. And I've checked online often. Something about some new process they've implemented and it's taking longer. I've since spoken to the insurance companies of the other 2 parties. There were 3 cars involved, including mine. The other 2 are blaming each other. Unfortunately I believe I'm going to have to get a lawyer to handle this. Sigh.
  3. Thanks Marille I knew you were an adjuster and was awaiting ur response . I have insurance info for the two other parties, but the police report is still not ready. The car that hit me contacted me, but the car that I believe cause the accident has not. I've called them and left Msgr and I just called and left a msg for their supervisor. My car is in impound and that's why I'm trying to get the ball rolling. Lookin at my car it appears it's totaled, but what do I know. And I would like to get a rental car. the release that needs to be signed is for impound to be able to turn the car over to whichever insurance company is picking it up. Are the other parties waiting on the police report, or are they just slow? Thanks, Tigz. I too am glad I made it out in one piece.
  4. I am thinking about getting a lawyer. Talking to friends to find the best recommendation. I don't have a police report as yet, just the #. it takes 72 hrs at least to get it. I am going to the dr on Monday. My adjuster said I should try and go thru the other insurer first. If they take too long then we can always go thru mine.
  5. Thanks MDW.... I am hurt. I went by ambulance to the ER. I have a sprained neck and back. I let the pain meds wear off and am sore and stiff. So I'm drugged again. i think my 09 Camry is totaled b/c I was hit head on. I am waiting on the adjuster to call me. Just wanted to know if there was anything else I should do or ask.
  6. I was in an accident last night. Not my fault. I called my ins company. Is there any thing else I need to do?
  7. I am...anything else I should look for?
  8. Hi , I'm looking for a microwave..all I know is that I want stainless steel and over the rarnge. What else should I be looking for. and recommendations? TIA
  9. I went from glasses to Lasik..would do it again in a sec..LUV it.. Yeah I was too chicken for the contacts thing
  10. I have...Remember people normally comment when they have a bad experience. If you keep that in mind, that site works fine.

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