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  1. Of course I didn't tell them I was buying a house!!!
  2. Crap one (Ha Ha) said they would send me a settlement offer letter for $650.00 on the $1700.00. They said it would not be considered paid in full, but settled for a lesser amount. I told the rep I wanted to be sure that they agreed I didn't owe them anymore and that they would stop charging me interest of .58 cents per day. Basically, I'm trying to buy a house and my broker said as long as he has a letter saying that I don't owe them anything he can get that off my credit for purposes of the loan. We will see when I get the settlement offer in the mail, what it says exactly.
  3. Okay PFD =Pay for Delete, no they did not say they would delete it if I paid the settlement amount, they said it would remain on the CRA even if I paid it in full, it would still be there with a balance of zero. I am still very new to this, and was I wrong to contact them to see if they would accept an offer of less than half to be paid in full? I don't even know what OP means??
  4. Please tell me what I should do, I am a novice at this and really don't know what the SOL allows me to do in this case. Also, what do you mean by PFD?
  5. Help everyone!! What is the law on how much a credit card co. can charge you in finance charges? My purchases were $377.00 my balance is over $1700.00 my last payment was in 2004. I called to make an offer and they will only accept payment in full to have it removed from my credit. $650.00 to settle was the best I could do. Is this legal?
  6. Another question regarding Cap One. They are not allowed to continue to add interest after 6 months of no payments correct? Seems they had added interest to my balance over the years. It is soon to come off my record so I don't really care to dispute the balance, but Capital One did the same thing to my husbanc.
  7. Thanks for the information. It takes about 60 days before you start to see the inquiries drop, is that correct??
  8. I hope it happens for me soon!! Keep on Bumping**
  9. I have been using TC and pulling my credit everyday, but I still have the same number of inquiries, I am in the process of removing a extended fraud alert. Will that affect bumpage??
  10. lida5

    Ice Cream

    Funny...I don't eat a lot of ice cream but tonight I had some pistachio ( I know I mispelled it)
  11. Yes, I do. What is the punch? I am still a newbie, I just found this site. How can I get basic information for a novice like me on this site? They keep saying search the newbie section???
  12. Okay, so I should dispute with the CRA's in writing before I attempt writing a DV letter to the CA? Maybe this would be the wiser thing to do, since I don't want to draw attention to myself and end up getting sued.
  13. Was your tow bill sent to a CA? Who did you write the dispute letter to? I am going to send a DV letter to the CA that is reporting this to the CRA's. This is still within the SOL, though. Any thoughts?
  14. Yah, this is true....at the time of my life..I didn't care much about a lot of things. Now, my life is much better and I am trying to fix a few things on my credit. I guess we all live and learn.

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