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  1. Yes...but I tried the goodwill and it didn't work...now I am onto the next step... unless I did this wrong by asking them to validate that they are reporting the account accurately to the CRA's?
  2. I sent my FCBA letter and the letter went to my parents address, when the Creditor has my new address...I haven't recently moved either. Of course their response was no but I am thinking this may be a good thing because according to the psych series, "Ignored change of address requests, or disputed charges which weren't facilitated correctly and in accordance with your rights as stipulated by the statute, didn't contribute to negative credit bureau reporting." Could this help my case to have the lates removed? Any ideas on what my response should be?
  3. My apologies in advance if this is a redundant question, but I searched the board and could not find the answer. Long story short my husband entered rehab after I returned from maternity leave, with the unexpected loss of income I received 90 day lates on all of my cards. Prior to that I was never late and no lates since. Of course I explained this in the letters and Credit One was the only one to remove the lates. I received no response from Target,Cfna, and Wal-Mart so I am trying again with them. As for Capital One, Jcpenney, and a credit union I received hard no's from multiple people including messages to the CEO. Is there anything left I can do, with it being multiple accounts and around the same time frame starting Dec 2014 my credit his heavily affected. Does anyone have ideas on what I can do next?
  4. LOL No but a marker, seriously
  5. Okay I received a summons in the mail today, I also had a message from the place that was suing me on behalf of citibank, well I called them and acted like I hadnt received the summons yet and the guy was told me they filed suit a month ago and I should receive the summons soon then he told me that if I pay 1500 they will stop suit but I will have to pay the filing fee. He also told me that once I receive the summons then call them and they will have the date I can appear in court but I shouldnt even go cause there would already be a judgement against me. He said I can send 50 a month to help the balance go down, but I kept asking what is the point of that if you say I will have to appear in court in 45 days, he said it will help though. Does this sound normal?? I asked him will the sheriff come and serve me papers and he said yes more than likely. I did receive my summons in the mail and the letter was hand writtened and the summons was copied and did not look official is this normal?? It doesnt look like it to me but maybe this is so if anyone has been served let me know if this is right.
  6. Okay so I just looked at the blue book value of my car it is 2,760(Fair) now I still owe about 6 thousand on it, the loan amount I asked for was 13,000 and I wanted to keep my payments to where they are now which is 247.47, how is that gonna work now gurr
  7. Sorry but what is pristine credit?? I work for a hospital and have been there for about 9 months now and my credit union is through them as well. I actually went to a car sale today and found a 2003 mitsubishi outlander for 12,867 which was about the same amount I was financed for the car I have now, the thing is on paper it looks like I have no money since I am only a part timer but I dont have any other bills(no rent) and all I have to pay is insurance and car payment and with financial aid I have more than enough money I just dont know how I can get around the fact that I cant show pay stubs, would I maybe have to use a co-signer??
  8. Question: I applied for an auto loan though my credit union they called me friday but I missed their call, but I am curious if I get a loan through them will I still have to put down a down payment.
  9. Your Age: 22 How long have your been on file with the CRA’s? 9/2000 Credit Scores: Equifax?566 Experian?582 on 10/2004 TransUnion?641 on 10/2004 Your Credit: Rate your OVER ALL credit from 1-10 (10=BEST)4 Rate your installment Credit from 1-10: 6, only been late twice in 2-3 years Rate your revolving Credit from 1-10: 2 Public Records? None If yes, please describe: Auto Loans: Do you have an open auto loan? Yes How many auto loans are presently open? 1 Are you trading in your open auto loan? yes Are there late pays on your CURRENT auto loan? yes If yes, please list the time frame. back in 2003 Current open auto loan is financed with? Traid Financial Current open auto loan payment? 247.47 Estimated amount you may be upside down in this vehicle? 2000.00 Rate this open auto loan from 1-10. 6 Credit Cards: Total number of revolving accounts:3 on equifax, 4 on exp and trans Percent utilization overall:0 Your Info: Total Provable MONTHLY GROSS income: 1,500-1,700, I am a student and work part time will they count financial aid?? Provable via computerized paystubs or what method: not sure Your Downpayment in CASH: not sure yet Rebates not considered; Trade Equity not considered; cash only. New or Used Vehicle: used Please describe desired vehicle: dodge durango 2000-2004 Please leave any comments that your feel may be pertinent and may lend added weight for a favorable outcome:
  10. I am sorry but I cant find a partial validation letter in the database, what exactly should the partial validation say?
  11. You should try USAA it is a great bank I have them and I am on Chex, and although I was able to open another bank account through my job, I decided not to open a checking account through another bank cause USAA has absolutely no fees and you get rebate whenever you use the credit/debit, so it is like they pay you to be with them it is great.
  12. Okay so I sent the CA a validation letter and after about 2 months they send me the statements from the credit card, what letter should I send next since they basically didnt really show me proof that I have to pay them.
  13. Isn't that when someone has to pay someone else for doing something wrong ie; if you steal from someone the court will make you pay Revenue Recovery, I am not sure if I am right

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