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  1. I'm in second. I'm waiting for Fallon to be disqualified. lol
  2. OK. I suppose it's time to come clean. I use the same nickname I use here on many sites... I figured it would strike fear into those who watched mob movies or The Sopranos, or something else... I am DA GOOMBA, a consigliere, a tough guy. So, you think DA GOOMBA, you think: *sigh* I'm not him. In reality, I am TRULY..... THE GOOMBA. From Super Mario Brothers. I wish I could say I was Mario. A tough Italian with a kick-flowers moustache, sexy overalls, and can make a pizza like no other. I'm not Luigi either, the one in the pair with no talent (kind of like Ben Affleck to Matt Damon). I can't even say I'm the Hammer Brothers, pulling hammers out of my butt to take out passerbys. Those are tough guys. Me? I'm short. I'm a little portly. I do have arms, but I disguise them nicely when I stroll through parks and bounce between pipes. And I walk around naked. I am trying my best to build up my credit.... I need that financing to be able to afford those power mushrooms so I can be big and strong like Bowser, or to be able to get one of those pretty flowers so I can shoot fireballs at those damn plumbers. I've seen therapists. I don't know why those plumbers have it out for me. They bounce on my head and throw turtle shells at me and have no respect for me. I've even cloned myself 1,000 times and they still have it out for me. It's very frustrating. It's like getting an inquiry bumped from Experian. Damn near impossible! And speaking of Bowser, he hates me too. Actually, ever since I told everybody that he doesn't look as tough as people think once he takes off his costume: ... but thats another story. So that's it. My true identity is revealed. I'm short, I'm pudgy, turtle shells are my kryptonite, and I die when plumbers land on my head. You wouldn't think that happens often, but you'd be wrong. ... or maybe it's all just a dream.
  3. No dice here. I was an AU on a corporate account, but since I was not the main card holder, they could not backdate my membership date (would have gained 4 years) Does this contradict what has happened to some of you guys???
  4. Congrats to the OP! Makes me wish I was eligible for NFCU. :-( Anyone wanna be my stepfather? lol
  5. Sounds like it. If so, I'm finally in with Chase! lmao
  6. So do I, so I converted my Delta SkyMiles card to an Amex Blue. No problems, no questions asked. I always was denied for the Blue, so I figure i can apply for the SkyMiles again in 6-12 months, so i can have both :-D lmao
  7. I tried the Capital One soft pull link earlier this morning and there were no offers. Pulled the trigger on a hard pull (Cap One Platinum) and was instantly approved for $2,000 at 12.9%! I was floored! This is my highest instant approval, and this nearly matched my highest Visa/MC limit card (which is Cap One at $2,300!)
  8. Well, YMMV but I can't get a Citi backed MC or Visa for the life of me. Not yet. However, I do have EIGHT Citi-baked cards (Zales, Gordon's, 2x ExxonMobil, 4 other gas cards). Go figure.
  9. This number does work! I was able to get an early GLI from $1,400 to $2,000! :-) Thanks to the OP!
  10. Yeah, my highest visa/mc is only $2,300... have a Care Credit for $5,000... but got a near-interrogation before she approved me lol We'll see if they're willing to grow with me.
  11. Lots of GLIs (some early): $100 -> $200 -> $300 -> $500 -> $700 -> $1,400
  12. If you're happy then I am happy. Congrats. Well, they're not tremendous CLs by any means, but an approval is an approval. If I can't get these limits to increase over time, they'll go the way of my First Premier and HSBC cards. I wasn't so happy with my $100 Macy's approval in August 2007, but I have already managed to bump that up to $1,400. Time is on my side!
  13. So, I decided it was time for a MAJOR app spree.... I applied for just about anything I could, and made sure that the pulls wouldn't *b* with me for very long. So, after lots of denials and more denials, I get two letters saying that I needed to call to continue my application. 1. Cabela's Visa: I get a phone number to call, and after being transferred to the fraud department /9the FA on my CR shold have been long gone, by the way), I get an interrogation... a combination L/N test as well as an UW questioning, I suppose. End result: $750.00 CL with 13.99 APR. Not great, but I was told I can request a CLI after 90 days. 2. Walmart: Shocked that I got a "call us" letter instead of the standard denial... so i call them up and after I get two questions correct in my LN exam, I get approved! So I ask, what is the CL? I'm expecting to hear "$75." $400 CL! This is a great starting CL with Walmart, isnt it? lol Not a bad day!!!

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