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  1. Situation: Capital Management Services collecting for Citibank. Opened 2013 or earlier in Louisiana. DOFD : August 2016. Balance showing: just under $6,000. Showing as CO and reporting monthly. Original credit limit $5,000, was never maxed out. Moved to Florida June 2017. CMS offering to settle for under $1200. Questions: Does the Louisiana SOL of 3 years still apply? Does CMS pay for delete? Should I settle? Looking to purchase. home in about a year. Thanks for any and all advice.
  2. If the bank now owns the house - they probably now also own the fixtures and appliances that were there when you moved in. If the landlady tries to come in and remove the stove/fans/AC or any fixtures, I believe the words "burglary" and "vandalism" come into play - I'd call 911. I'd also document - via photographs and/or video - the content and condition of every room of the house, as well as the exterior, TODAY, just in case anything happens. Is your lease still valid, seeing as she no longer owns the property? (assuming that she does not redeem) You might want to call the lender that now owns the property, and ask what their position is in relation to you as tenants.
  3. Audi's website has information on their European delivery program. There's also a lot on information on various European brand enthusiast sites. BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo, Saab and Bentley also have similar programs. You order thru a U.S. dealer, and when the car is built (to U.S. specs, no risk of gray-market issues) and is issued a VIN number, you fly to Germany and pick it up in Ingolstadt. The stateside dealer is required to collect a deposit for the entire amount of the 19% Value Added Tax that the EU levies. When the car is delivered to the U.S. the VAT is refunded. The vehicle can be dropped off for shipment in over a dozen European cities. The large import fees/taxes are avoided as technically it's a used vehicle, as it's been delivered to the owner and driven off the lot. Audi will put on temporary plates and provide you with 15 days of no-deductible comprehensive insurance so you can drive just about anywhere in Europe (except most former Soviet bloc countries) for a week or two until you drop the car off. It takes a few weeks for the car to get to the U.S. and clear customs - then it's transported to your dealer and re-delivered to you. I'm considering doing this myself either this summer of next summer - just not in an R8. Most programs want the car completely paid for at time of delivery. Some will do this with leases (BMW makes the first lease payment for you while the car is in transit). I have not heard about many banks being willing to participate, as they don't have access to their collateral.
  4. They just cut my $600 Sam's card to a useless $110. I used it frequently, never late, usually PIF'd. I live in a relatively stable area, have $90K or so annual income, stable real estate values, own a home, fixed rate mortgage with Chase. Way to kill my utilization, GEMB. That $110 limit just made the card useful only to get into Sam's. I used to use it as a gas card. No more.

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