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  1. Not trying to be harsh but.....so she skipped a payment to buy an air conditioner? If I were WAMU I think I'd foreclose. Air conditioning is a luxury item not a life requirement. Perhaps a Financial Management courses should be given to her ASAP! Whoa, in many places in the united states the summer heat can become so intense that people without air conditioning sometimes die. Heat related deaths in the summer are not uncommon. In fact in 1993, 118 people died during a heat wave in the US. I dont see air conditioning as a luxury.
  2. I think the only company that actually "scrambles" or puts an account number that doesnt match the one on your card is Amex. Gonna check my BofA cards to my report now. BRB.
  3. I live in brooklyn, they switched from TU to EQ for me but I had EX on lockdown. They must have had some falling out with TU....
  4. I would wait as well. Those baddies make it borderline, coupled with your utilization at 65% that might be the deal breaker. Get that utilization down then give it a whirl.
  5. Fem-nazi mod here. Please tone down the rhetoric. It's unnecessary and unpleasant. Side note: We don't live in the 40s any longer. Single women, just like single men, should be able to own their own homes, just like they own their own cars, and just like they have the right to vote, much to your apparent chagrin. If it makes more financial sense for a single person, woman or man, to own his/her own home than to rent then the choice is pretty clear. It has nothing to do with being married, it has everything to do with what the person wants for his or her self.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. I just got a freedom card as well, a visa signature, and I was worried about the reporting limit. Now I understand what I have.
  7. Pam this is an AMAZING prize!!! Good luck to everyone!
  8. I am in NY, they have ALWAYS pulled TU for me up until a week ago...then they pulled EQ...ugh.
  9. That's correct. The analyst should be able to tell you if anything is waiting. If there is no auto/guideline then they will pull a hard. It's best to check the luv button on the site. If it's not showing a dollar amount available to you then your CLI will require a hard.
  10. No actually they dont, they are able to give guideline increases as well if the system is showing one is available. When you request online, if you get the form, that is a hard pull. If you request over the phone the analyst can tell you if there is anything waiting. Sounds like the OP got a bunk analyst.
  11. Part of your FICO is based on the average age of your accounts. It is advised they they stay open 2 years to help your average age.
  12. Sockdrawer them ALL until you hit the 2 year mark unless there is an AF.
  13. Not complaining, just warning...my reports are clean across the board but there are some who may have a clean TU and EX but a shady EQ...which could lead to AA if looking for a CLI.
  14. I just got a second premier pass for business 2 days ago. They have ALWAYS pulled TU for me for apps and when I took some hards for CLIs. This morning I check TC...they pulled EQ. Lucky for me I had EX on deep freeze, as they might have pulled that. Anyway heads up. If Citi always pulls a certain bureau for you, lock down your EX just in case they changed you up as well. I am in NY.

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