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  1. Hey that's great...I don't have any baddies with Transunion... he, he any reps for Experian?
  2. My son is a Marine, would that get me in and how good is this card?
  3. sooo true, I have the account but maybe twice ordered something on Fingerhut. It was my oldest tradeline... and right now the only one that gave me a card too...\ I am doing a lot of reading for my inquiries journey..
  4. Moon

    Building Credit

    Thank you so much...I did take notes and will research the threads... My main focus now is Inquiries... Then I can start tradelines... I have Fingerhut last month and this month Valero... I will post my journey...
  5. I had a tradeline since 1999 and it was deleted argggg!! it was my oldest tradeline. I called and try to have them open again but I was not even on the system that I had to open another one.
  6. Moon

    Building Credit

    thank you for all your information. I did try Walmart and was told a letter will be sent to me It might be the Inquiries or no tradelines..I can always try calling once I get the letter and try to recon. Occam, I will do just that I guess I need to work on TU and EQ to try and get Inquiries B*....I will go back and read everything on B*...from what I read and anyone correct me if I am wrong that Experian don't do that. What can I do for TransUnion and Equifax This are my Inquiries and what do I use to B* if any? Thank you for all your replies...it does help alot knowing there are people out there that are helping.. Equifax Cap/BestBuy 12/18/2011 1/25/2013 7/16/2013 LnBryant 1/1/2012 Torrid 3/18/2012 Cap1/BankUSA 3/20/2012 4/19/2013 WEBBank 12/22/2012 Discover 4/19/2013 7/23/2013 DFCU 7/26/2013 Fingerhut 7/26/2013 DSRM Bank 8/26/2013 TransUnion Cap One 3/20/2012 Gecrb 11/21/2012 Amazon 4/19/2013 Discover 4/19/2013 Cap One 4/19/2013 Gecrb 7/8/2013 Discover 7/23/2013 BrclysBank 8/29/2013 Walmart 8/30/2013 Experian Barclays 8/29/2013 Digital Fcu 7/30/2013 Chase 7/24/2013 Comenity Bank 5/16/2013 Citi 4/19/2013 Cap1 4/19/2013 Citi 3/20/2013 Cap1 12/9/2011 Citi 12-9-11
  7. Hi Check your credit reports and see if it the middle name has been added and dispute. I had a couple of different variations of my name and I disputed them and all were cleared.
  8. that's great....It takes time but it's sooo worth it..
  9. Welcome and you have come to the right place. I suggest learning here as much as you can, you would be able to use it all your life...it's true, knowledge is power and against the Creditors it's golden...
  10. I want to start building credit and this is the information I have TransUnion/ No baddies FAKO 682 7 Inquiries 1 Tradeline started August 2013 Esperian/ 1 Baddie ( working on Deleting) / 9 Inquiries / 0 Tradelines Equifax/ 0 Baddies / 9 Inquiries / 1 tradeline started on August 2013. Got decline for Barclays and just waiting for letter to see why and will call backdoor for recon. I don't plan on carrying balances just getting good credit score with tradelines. Thanks
  11. Thanks I will do that. At least it should stop them from doing the same to other, hopefully
  12. yeeeh, yeeeh, So I checked today my Equifax and Enhanced has been removed. I was ready today to send a CMRR to Equifax and Enhanced. It was a $100 dollar debt that I could have sent a pay for delete just to get it out of report but it was not even mine, just cause he googled it and got some of us with same name. I applied for a Valero card and got approved as they pulled Equifax and it's now good with no baddies. 8 inquiries so I figuere one more would not be bad just to establish credit. Thanks Everyone
  13. I could have gone to a credit repair agency but there is knowledge here that you will use thru all your life and welcome.
  14. welcome and you came to the right place. everyone is very helpful

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