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  1. During my BOA ak air card app it asked if I wanted the card to have a chip, "to make international travel easier". Is this new for BOA?
  2. BOA AK Air denied. That concludes my mini-spree. I don't get miles. Garden for 6-12 months and then go back for miles.
  3. House closed and was funded. Doing a mini-spree. 20 months ago I was 520 FAKO's. Since then... CU $700 secured ->$2,500 unsecured. Different CU $1,000 unsecured ->$2,500 unsecured. First app on the minispree, Chase Slate 0% 15 mo balance transfer -> Approved $3,200. Will BT $2,000 in CC debt to it. Next up BOA AK Air Card...
  4. Another Alaskan!!! I am not sure who they pull but I would consider Credit Union 1 if you are shopping. CU1's top tier is at 680 but sadly they pull Experian so no bumping. I got 2.95% on my auto loan with a 685 so I'm pretty happy with them. Also, they had a promotion where they auto approved you for a no AF 1k mastercard if you get an auto loan through them. I was in rebuilding mode at the time and the 1k limit really helped out, they bumped it to 2.5k in 6 months. I do not have any experience with Denali though.
  5. I've got $20k limit at Button Factory.
  6. Not until 1130 am tomorrow.
  7. They are paying me $50 a day to stay in the place for a few days so i'll ask when it's funded so I can start billing them for the stay.
  8. I got a secured loan when I was just out of high school. The reason I got it was the parents were lending me the money to buy something and they wanted me to have to learn the practice of paying payments on time. Didn't do anything for the credit.
  9. Now how to find out when the place is funded. I'm signing my paperwork in 3 hours.
  10. Wednesday, 5/7 closing Thursday, 5/8 record and transfer ownership Friday, 5/9 Seller moves out Just got the email! Join CB 2007, Closing on house just 7 years later. This is a marathon not a sprint.
  11. One thing to keep in mind for lender shopping, if this is your first loan, is physical location. If you know you like to sit down and have things explained, don't pick a lender that is located a long drive from your normal day. I know it doesn't sound like much but I greatly appreciated being able to stop in before and after work to my lender for signing and questions without having to deal with traffic. As someone else stated, the interest rates are probably tied to the program (mine were) so it didn't matter what lender I went with they just had to be in the program. Perhaps on my second loan I would be more comfortable to not have that relationship.
  12. A good place sells here in about 5 days. The place I'm buying I was the first person to look at it and made an offer. So depending on your market you might not get a loan approval fast enough if you do it the shifter method. It's just dependent on your area.
  13. Don't pull your scores at all, even the FAKO's, for 6 months. They don't tell you anything beyond a snapshot of a useless scoring model. Some of the loan programs I used required 12 months with no active collections. They didn't care that they were on there, just that they had been paid 12 months before. As someone else stated, look for a new/first time home buyer class. It should be free and mine even gave me $250 off closing. I learned a lot in the class because I could ask the quirky questions the internet couldn't easily answer.
  14. Mileage? Doesn't matter what your score is if the car is not within the industry lending window and mileage.

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