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  1. Which auto company only uses Equifax? Thanks in advance!!
  2. I am trying to purchase a car. I would like to find a dealer who uses Equifax only because it is clean, I tried credit pulls for Illinois did not really find anything. Thank you
  3. Sorry, I used the letter from this board.
  4. I had a dismissed 13 removed from Eq. Tran and Ex did not bulge, now its time to start hitting them with letters. How can you have a discharged 7 removed?
  5. Having that exact issue right now - got the BK removed easy from EQ/TU, fighting me tooth and nail over the IIB's though Did you use this same approach to get the Bk removed?
  6. I applied for a second Cap one card, received a email to verify my address. I uploaded a document to them. I wonder if they will approve me?
  7. I just received my increase to 500, I guess it will be another 6 months for another increase.
  8. I was on the trial and called to cancel, they offered me 14.95. I heard these were your real Fico 08's, you can updated monthly correct?
  9. Is Credit Check Total good to keep, if they reduce the amount down to 50 percent off? Trying to monitor my Equifax.
  10. Not sure of myfico's. These are my scores from credit Karma. 623 Transunion and 595 Equifax, I really need a car loan and they approved me for membership.
  11. Is this credit union good for giving car loans?

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