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  1. the only thing that has me worried about this one is the fact that the $amount has changed and last month I had a CO that was due to fall off 10/07. I checked my reports early 10/07 and it was gone. I will send those letters.
  2. thanks for the reply. not only is it close to fall off but.......on my previous reports it was listed to fall off 11/07
  3. I have learned a LOT from this board. I thought some were obsessive for pulling credit daily. I had a collection from asshat that should have fallen off this month. I had to pull report and score again b/c I wanted to see that it dropped off and see how my score had improved. BOY WAS I SURPRISED!!!!! They changed the amount and this item is still reporting. DOFD is still the same and so is the account number. My score dropped 37 points. Can't understand the score drop since it was already there anyway. Now I know why you all check so often. Should I DV or dispute CRA that this item is obsolete? As usual any help that you credit savvvy offer is and will ALWAYS be greatly appreciated.
  4. joined 18months before i got out of the navy
  5. seeker45

    What to do?

    bump for you. This may be answered in the newbie threads. have you done a search. Many others with the same problem. Good luck
  6. Uhhhh........I asked last year about a secured card with navy federal. I was told they had discontinued that product in early 2006. Where exactly on navy feds website do you see a link for a secured card? I have searched all over that site and can't find anything about a secured credit card. Are you talking about navy federal? Anyone?
  7. I have dealt with the irs and I don't know if it was just the person I had helping me or them in general but, they are not the snakes everyone thinks they are, IF WHAT HAPPPENED IS NOT YOUR FAULT. It took years to fix my problem and I had to call every year a refund was due but, it was taken care of. HR Block/HSBC only gave a loan on money she was to get from irs. YOUR GF IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MONEY. Once you take care of the problem with SS, the IRS will release her money with NO problem. YOU SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID TO TALK TO THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT CAN HELP YOU RESOLVE THIS MIX-UP. In the meantime, call and set up payment plan with hsbc- that IS her debt. Read the fine print on the paperwork they gave when taking out the loan........it's there. I hope my post does not sound harsh. You just really need to talk to those who created the problem in the first place.....HER DAD AND SSI. There is hope and this can be worked out. p.s it only takes 10-14 days to get tax refund online. don't pay those fees. that money can buy a lot of diapers for you now. I really don't think you need a tax attorney because you do not have a tax problem. the problem you have starts with dad and ssi. Take care of that baby and keep your head up. It always gets worse before it gets better seeker45
  8. a friend of mine was asking me about funding way. anyone have anything new on these people?
  9. i was approved for CJ in Aug07. I made a purchase with my debit card. I was told after a couple of days that what I ordered was not in stock. I have not ordered anything else because I did not like the look of the website. I also heard that some people had their card numbers compromised from CJ's site. What are your suggestions? Do you feel the site is safe? Should I go ahead and make a payment so that I can get this tradeline reporting? Please help the undecided. One of my goals was to establish revolving accounts. Now I have 3(1 being CJ that no one can see) I love CB. I just joined this year but I have been reading this board since 12/05. CB helped me get my first deletes-3 total and I did them online (gunghoe and not willing to wait but IT WORKED!!!!!)
  10. Ok I'm going to ask a dumb question. Do old collections count tword dti? Thanks everyone for your help.

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