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  1. Tough question. I had an employee who's breath was so terrible, you could smell it through his ears and he insisted on using every H and W word in the dictionary. I noticed the pain on the customers faces and I finally had to just tell him "I haven't noticed this myself, but several customers have complained about your breath, please take a few extra minutes in the morning to take care of it because I would hate to lose customers or you over something so silly."
  2. Sorry to hear about your situation. I can tell you that things will not get better if you default and many of the options for repayment will not be available once you do. If you become unemployed or are working less than 30 hours a week, have Sallie Mae send you paperwork for an unemployment deferment. If you are working more than 40 hours and you are making more than minimum wage have them send you paperwork for an economic hardship deferment, since your parents are unemployed and you are taking care of them. You should qualify if your loan payment is more than 20% of your gross monthly income. You can also try forbearance to postpone or reduce your payment for, i believe up to 12 months, this may end up costing you in the long run but will give you time. You can also request an income based repayment plan, which is a federal program, i believe you can use your parents when determining family size. You pay for 25 years then balance is forgiven but taxed. hope this help.
  3. Wondering if anyone else has had this experience yet, its been another 5 months, mortgage has been sold to, according to research done, a collection agency that is owned by bank. No forclosure started with courts, no demand for payment, no correspondence. I called and they would settle for $25k which i dont have. I decided to rent it and hope for the best.
  4. Thank you I will do that as soon as they open.
  5. I've been going through some issues with almost being foreclosed on, so i'm really trying to step up my efforts to get rid of debt. I've had an Orchard Bank secured card since 2005 with a $2000 limit. I have a current balance of $1600 and a few months ago the interest rate was increased to 29.9%. I also have a New Millennium card the is in the same situation. I was thinking that I should close the accounts and use the secured funds to pay off the balances and the use any excess to pay off other cards. All my credit cards are showing never late on the credit reports. Does it should like a huge mistake getting rid of the TL or would now be a good time considering my scores have suffered because of the late mortgage payments anyway. P.S. The banks will not convert to unsecured because, although it was reported as on time payments on the credit report, several payment posted to my account the day after the payment was due ( for example the payment was due on 15th, I paid online on 14th and the payment posted on the 16th.) Thanks for any feedback!
  6. If it were mine, I'd enlist a RE att'y to find out exactly what they've done, and to make sure it can't come back to bite you later on in any way. Depending on how they transferred the debt, the purchaser may or may not have foreclosure rights. It may now just be ordinary unsecured debt. I'll give an attorny a call tomorrow to find out how this might play out in Wisconsin. Now that i'm thinking about it, when the guy at the bank was trying to explain he said think of it as a credit card account now. It made no sense to me at the time but would make sense if the debt is now unsecured, but i think this senario would make it easier in Wisconsin, if given a judgment, to clean out our bank accounts and go after other assets. Hopefully the att'y will be able to shed some light on this. I will keep you informed. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am not sure how to check if it is released or not. When I called the bank, the representative's words were "we have washed our hands of the property and our system shows a zero balance. I am thinking that I am in for some type of collection efforts from an outside agency because he also gave me a number to an outside collection agency but I have not received any written correspondences yet. When I check the online court system for our state it reads... Pursuant to the annexed petition of the plaintiff, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the judgment previously entered is vacated and this action be and the same is hereby dismissed and the lis pendens filed in the office of the Register of Deeds for this county be and the same is hereby discharged from the record. Not sure what all that means yet. I wish they would have given me the insurance funds before now, and then I could have paid the account current. I just hate not knowing what to expect. Do I enter into lease agreements? How many repairs should I do? Can they start foreclosure proceeding the day after I do something like have the house painted? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  8. One other thing I am confused about. They already had the judgement for the foreclosure, what other cost are there, no matter how much they sold the house for wouldn't I still be responsible for the full loan amount?
  9. The loan is at $105k, newly apprasied at 59k, would likely sell for $45-50k. I called bank today and was told they can't help me anymore, on their system it shows a zero balance and the bottom line is that it would cost more to foreclose than they would make. I was told to contact the collection agengy with any further questions. So I am guessing the loan has been sold and maybe the new lien holder can foreclose? Their was also storm damage to the property, which caused about 13k in water damage. The insurance company sent the check directly to the bank. I was told the check was mailed to me on Friday and I should receive it on Monday. This is so weird because I was orginally told they would only reimburse me after the repairs were complete. This is making no sense.
  10. My tenants stopped paying rent about 7 months ago. I could not evict them because they filed bankruptcy and was given a stay against all collection of debt. I could not afford to make the mortgage payments and the house went into foreclosure. We went to court in November and the bank was granted the judgment and the sale date was set for January 26th. Home prices are almost down by 50% in some areas of the city, so I could not sale and I was told a modification would take 3-4 months. I had given up, when a week ago, I received a letter saying the bank no longer wanted to foreclose and they sent a petition to the courts to have the judgment vacated. After I called the court to verify, I called the bank to restart payments and ask about the modification to bring the loan current. They took a payment and gave me instructions on how to start the modification. I called the next day to get the fax number and was told they are not interested in taking the property and the loan has been charged off and she gave the number to a collection agency. So now I don’t know what to expect. I am assuming that only the bank can legally foreclose, will interest keep growing? If I make arrangements with the collection agency will the bank acknowledge the agreement and not foreclose 5 years from now when values go back up? Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? Thanks Everyone
  11. Hi everyone, I went online to Dell today, I needed to replace a bad monitor. I took a chance and reapplied and got an instant approval for 15k! Dell must bein a good mood. Hope verification process goes smoothly. Thanks
  12. Oh, that makes a huge difference. You will have no problem with getting the cash trade reported.
  13. Okay Crank, maybe I can try to help since you do need them. The only thing is getting any terms is going to be difficult. However, if you have a guaranteed contract that may help a bit but as a previous poster said the overhead and expenses on a job of that size is obviously costly. Even though Kinko's may offer the net 30, Kinko's would not have the capablity to handle a job of this size because their digital color printers are not made to do such a large volume nor are they capable to run a large sheet size (28x40 or larger). Anyway, (back to helping) what are your specs for the job; size, 4/4 ,4/1, or 4/0; any particular stock, or any special finishing (coating, cuts, folds, etc.)? Also are you going to take delivery of the entire order at one time to you or would you want to dropship them to the different parks, etc. around the country? (In either case the shipping obviously will be expensive as well.) What is your timeframe on the job and/or when do you need them by? If you can't find a net 30, are you still prepared to go forward with the job, with a deposit (up to 50%) upfront and balance at shipping or possibly terms on the balance? Let me know and I'll see if there is anything I can do. God Bless Hi congrats on winning such a nice print bid. I've been operating a print manufacturing company for the last 10 years and would not suggest outsourcing this to kinkos. They are a great company but they outsource all press work so you would not get the best possible price. We do offer a net 30 accounts and report monthly to dnb, but you would need someone to open at least a 40k credit line for you (assuming 4/0 8.5x11). I don't know enough about your company to say this for certain, but you might have to pay 50% up front and remainder on delivery for a few months. I can say that most printers, if they do report, will report this account for you. Did you get estimates prior to submitting your bid? On another note: Not sure about the banks in your area, but my bank will verify the government contract, once they do so, they will use it to secure a LOC. The purchasing agency would have to agree to make the checks payable to the bank directly. This works great if personal scores are under 650. Hope this helps
  14. sounds like a good plan, do you still recommend waiting for the six month mark. Thanks

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