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  1. I want to say thank you all who have replied to my post... I appreciate the time you have taken and am grateful for your knowledge you have shared.....
  2. Do you think that credit builder from D&B would be beneficial on the other trucks( 5 ) each with loan amount average of 80k .... I was hoping that that would help on his duns report to make the company more appealing ... as the 5 are not reporting on D&B... Thank you for the replies..
  3. No borrowing relationship with his bank, just checking and payroll... His interest rate was ridiculous with the builder of the trucks, his personal credit was not up to par for the bank that has financed 8 other trucks that we have.. if we can refinance we would save aprox. 900 per month per refinanced truck.... The ability to repay is not a problem, just wanted to free up some cash flow...as stuff runs lean when we get paid once a month and payroll is every two weeks.... so freeing up about 4-5 grand would be ideal
  4. With or without a PG? If it's without a pg then simply shop around locally to banks that offer small business services. With or Without PG the problem is the owner was told by his personal mortgage company 1yr ago to stop making payments on the mortgage to get a loan mod, North Star would send hime letters every three months stating To continue not paying, so his personal score is crap 519....
  5. I have been a lurker on here for several years, and have recently became employed for a tow truck company, I knew the owner before my employment and he has asked me to help him find a bank to help him refinance 5 of his tow trucks.. Corp Since 2003 PG all the trucks 17 of them several paid off All with about 35% Equity Aprox. 1.8mm yr 7Guaranteed Gov. Contracts worth 5-7 mm over several yrs. So there is not to much showing on D&B may 6-7 UCC1's highest tradelines 30k for fuel, 77 Paydex Nothing Showing on Experian The Tow trucks that need to be refinanced, the paper was carried by the builder of the trucks , they are 2011's and were financed for 3yrs and were bought in early 2011 So if there are any serious CB'ers that can point me in the right direction all will be appreciated, he banks with a small bank and they are not interested... THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  6. Some of the things to consider when applying for a lease : Send the following with the application: Send the last 3 months bank statements: to show you can afford to pay them. Send a Business Credt Bio/list wth the Highs and lows of your creditors. Send a Cfo ( your ) bio with your good accounts ... highs and lows Send recent copy of you DNB and Experian Credit report... also walk into subaru they do business auto fin. thru Chase I believe
  7. you should be able to make purchases under 20 bucks from the vendors listed above and you need to pay the imediately with company check and make sure you put you Duns# in the memo slot above to acct.#
  8. Due to the recent credit crunch it is my belief that AMX is pulling soft inq on the person and going thru the acct with a fine tooth comb... and reviewing how long you have carried an decent balance, I have two cards and been with them for about 5 yrs. and my costo personal went from a 24.5cl to a 12cl and my gold card hasnt changed yet..
  9. What the the number of my posts have to do with MY knowledge ... and how is that STUPID STUFF? can you tell me it what manner that trying this so called STUPID STUFF would hurt your or the corp's .... it Is tried it all the time with Supply and Trade credit... DID WIZ NOT TRY IT AND WORK...STUPID IS TRYING....
  10. Hey wiz try to get the paper application if possible like you did for the follow: There are a few that I know that have obtained these cards using the TAX I.D # only • American Express the business Gold Rewards. • American Express the Jet blue business. • American Express the True earnings Business from costco. • American Express the Platinum business. • American Express the Gold Delta miles business. • American Express the open Starwood preferred guest business. • American Express the Plum business Card Open • American Express the Platinum Delta sky miles business. • American Express the Blue cash for business
  11. He is what I would do... I assume that you are a S/P and have a current assumed name or dba , if so the do the following... 1) Incorporate in your state, 2) do a statement of abandonment of the S/P 3) refile the same dba name using the corporation as the owner of the dba ( some counties allow to state the date that you began doing business) 4) Make a corporate resolution stating that I/we the board voted and elected to incorp. for tax purposes and send it to the business credit bureau's along with a copy of your new dba filing and copies of the last 9yrs. of business lic. 5) when you move just a Foreign Filing to bring your corp. over to the new state... don't forget to add your duns# to the resolution you send to DNB.... good luck and you have just married the age of the s/p to the new corp... with DNB...
  12. you do not need to apply for a new EIN if you decide to incorporate from your sole prop. no worries, credit follows EIN ... Dun and Bradstreet does not utilize your EIN for credit purposes ... you must set up a duns # for your DNB credit file... if the name is the changing or not you may do a corporate Resolution to your creditors and CRA's stating you upgraded to an INC. and keeping everything else the same...
  13. , SO WHAT just B* the INQUIRES off. You know about B* right???? can someone fill me in on the B* the inq. off thing.... P.M me please...

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