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  1. I'm not following.... Why the hell does mine keep coming back as verified???? And mine was files in 2002 and satisfied in 2005! But good job, dreams!
  2. You're DEFINITELY gonna have to b* off some of that, BUT, I will say, when I was 18 the easiest cards for me were Discover and Amex... Amex only gave me $1,200-1,800 (2 cards) but Discover for some reason loved me - $7,500! HOWEVER, if I had it all to do again, I would do a gas card and a store card or two to get a good base... (Mobil/Exxon was easiest for me... then Sears.... BUT, that was 10 years ago....)
  3. Definitely 7 months for me........ but after that CLI's go pretty quick with your kind of purchase history.
  4. Hahaha, don't EVEN get me started.... I got a $500 limit.... also with 2 cards. My lowest limit BY FAR. Grrrrrrrrrrrr Oh yeah, and they hit me, on the same CRA, less than 30 days from approval for the CLI request. Neglected to tell me they were going to pull my credit AGAIN or I would have said NO.
  5. Regardless of the card, normally what I do is press "0" or whatever to get a operator... or call the customer service number right after getting it activated and say something like, "I just received my card and noticed it only has a limit of XXXX, and was wondering if that's the best you can do." Or something to that effect. Works for me about 80% of the time. The rest of the time, it's either Juniper or CHASE.
  6. Those b@$t@rd$ pulled EX.... TWICE. (New Jersey, btw)
  7. I received that email today, too. And I also have no intention of responding.
  8. netlink

    I got Chase!

    HAH! You and me both or I would have saved myself the INQ!
  9. Mmmm, I screwed this one up. I got the automated "Congratulations..." too about a month ago... except I went to the CSR and did a hard to try to get more for a home improvement project. No go. AND I lost the automated "Congrats" upon callback.
  10. netlink

    I got Chase!

    My score? Probably about 675+... I have a few new accounts and haven't checked my score in about a month, but no balances on most accounts and the ones that do are less than 20% util. and overall utilization is <10%. DTI is also <20%. The only "baddie" to speak of is a paid judgment from 2 years ago.
  11. hmmm.... gas is usually my first purchase to make sure the card is working. crooks do that too when they steal a card. Yup.... happened on my BOA card last year. But they caught it... can't be in 2 places at once (although that would be nice).
  12. netlink

    I got Chase!

    Well, at least I'm not alone. I got the Freedom card with a crappy $500 limit. I called when I got the card and they gave me a canned response of something like "balances on other cards" or something. I almost got into an argument with the lady because not only that, they gave me one of the most obscene APRs I have... 23.24%, and she refused to do anything about it! Finally I hung up and went online to setup my account and wrote in for a CLI. Hours later -- DENIED! So I wrote them a nice little nastygram stating I will NEVER EVER carry a balance beyond the grace period if I even decide to use their card in the first place. Freedom my A$$. My average TL is $5k. Not impressed in the least with Chase.
  13. BAH! So I applied for the Chase Freedom Card a few weeks ago and after reading this thread I decided since I haven't heard anything, to call and find out the status. Well, lo and behold I am approved! ... sort of ... For a whopping $500.00 limit with a 23.24% APR!!!!! What a F***ING JOKE! THE lowest card limit I have by far. I was told there is no way to see if I could get a higher limit without another hard pull... and there ain't no way in hell I'm doing that right now. I guess I'm in the boat of Chase customers who get NO LUV!!!!

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