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  1. My NFCU secured card was unsecured after 18 mos. I called at 12 mos and was told that they review periodically and no set time to unsecure. They will also review periodically and do a credit limit increase. I found out by checking my experian report that they had increased both of my cards to 17,300. I also did a product change from nrewards to the flagship card after 18 mos. They have been very good to me.
  2. Barclay rewards 9000 Citi Best Buy 3000 Barclay Cash Forward 2000
  3. Is it possible to PC to the Flagship from, say, a GoRewards? I went fom an nRewards to the flagship two weeks ago. The nRewards started at a 500 secured credit card. Now two years later I pc'd to a 15000 Flagship signature visa.
  4. congrats!!! Look what hard work will get you!!! Your new home is beautiful!!!
  5. Got my NFCU CLOC disclosure and agreement papers. Signed right away then faxed immediately. 15000.00 checking line of credit on the way!
  6. Thanks. Went back in today and asked for another increase on the Cash Rewards card and had it increased another thousand. Couldn't increase nRewards because I did a PC to the Flagship Signature. As soon as the new card comes I'm going to ask for another CLI, but instead of saying max I'm going to request 25000 on both cards. I think that's the most you can get instantly. I'll report back. IKR! Thanks!
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  8. Thanks!!! Sorry you can't get in☹️.
  9. we could have a pool for how many hours after first use in Tokyo crap1 shuts down your charging privileges I live in Michigan and they shut me down in Georgia!
  10. Joined Navy Fed 8/2014. Immediately opened a checking account, money market, savings and a secured Nrewards card for 500.00. Filed bankruptcy 6/2014, hence the secured card. Applied for a cash rewards card 4/2015 was approved for 500.00. Applied for CLOC at the same time and was denied. Received an automatic increase of 500.00 on the cash rewards card 10/2015. Fast forward to 4/3/2016. Was making a payment on my cash rewards card on-line and on a whim clicked on CLI button, asked for the max and got instantly approved for 14000.00. Whaaaaaat!!!! Immediately requested a CLI on my now unsecure
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