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  1. Yes, that's where they "get you" their contracts always outlast their phones. It's happened to me in the past. I've been using them for seven years. Only this time, the contract outlasted two phones. The phone I bought and the replacement phone.
  2. Hi all. I have pretty good credit - somewhere in the high 700's (I haven't checked in awhile). Anyway I am virtually debt free, meaning I usually don't keep a balance on credit cards and if I cannot pay off an entire purchase the next billing cycle, the CC gets sock drawed. Anyway I had a phone and two year contract with T-Mobile. The phone lasted a "whole 8 months" before breaking. They sent me a replacement phone and that phone lasted about another 9 months. With six months left of my contract to go, I was "not eligible" for an upgrade. The best the customer service reps would do, is "allow me to buy a new phone at full price WITH a two year contract. So, I bought an I-Phone and signed on with AT&T, because I cannot live without a mobile phone. I am getting hit with a $200.00 early termination fee that I don't want to pay. I don't want my credit affected, but I want to fight this. I don't know the best way to proceed. Should I... pay with my VISA card and then file a dispute? Should I... stonewall them? I would do this if I had more moxy, but I'm kinda afraid of this showing up on my credit report. Any and all advice welcome. I know there's a lot of smart people on this board.
  3. Gudziel, thanks for the list of names and titles. I'm going to send letters to a couple of the people on that list. I'm staying off the phone too. So Intense, Thanks for posting your situation as well.
  4. Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been back here in a few days. I'm going to read the threads you posted at lunchtime. HSBC is just ridiculous. I can't wait until I pay off that card and I won't have to deal with them.
  5. Congrats! I love reading success stories!
  6. I'm shopping for a mortgage and I'm almost debt free. I'm in the process of making sure there are no mistakes on my credit card. Last month, I sent HSBC a goodwill letter, because I had one late in 2007. Not only did they tell me they will not take the late off my reports, but now they are reporting that I was over the limit in Feb 2010. I was not over my limit, nor was I anywhere near my limit. I haven't used the card in over a year. When I called their customer service department, the rep told me that their could have been a "crossing" between the payment I made online and their fees and interest being added to my balance. The fees and interest rate were only $87.00 and I was $500.00 under my limit. After I explained this to the rep, he told me that "it will reverse itself and balance itself out". That didn't make any sense either. Do I just send letters to all three credit agencies? I'm not getting anywhere with their customer service department.
  7. Thank you everyone. What I'm going to do is go up the chain with Goodwill letters. Then I'll try to dispute the lates. Hopefully, it won't get that far.
  8. Add on I couldn't edit. I'll try the jigsaw site. Hopefully I'll find the right people to send new letters to.
  9. No. I haven't disputed any of these lates with the CRAs. How do I go higher up the chain? I don't have names or titles of any employees at these companies. I merely sent a letter to the consumer relations departments.
  10. Yes they are. They are open and active. Only one of them has a balance right now. The others, I make small purchases here and there. Then I pay in full each month. On my credit report each entry has "scheduled to go into positive status in 2015". I really don't want to wait till 2015. I'm shopping for a mortgage now. These are my only baddies.
  11. I sent Goodwill letters to 4 creditors. I got shot down by three creditors and I haven't heard from the fourth. The form letters they sent told me the information was accurate and they "can't " remove the lates. I have only one 30 day late with each creditor way back in 2006.
  12. I haven't read all the responses yet, but I have Shead Spreet Pro (no, this isn't a type-o. Its really called Shead Spreet Pro). It's kinda like having Excel in your phone. I have my Snowball Spreadsheets in there. I also have the bar code scanner, Solitaire, Notebook and a program called "Livestrong" for calorie counting.
  13. Was your answer "because I don't buy $2300 vacuums?" good answer. It's none of his dyam business why someone has a plazma TV and a new truck.
  14. I wish I had some advice for you, but it sounds like you're cutting it pretty close. You've already got your budget cut to the bare bones. The only way out of this is to *somehow* increase your income.

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