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  1. I used to work at an abstract office & if I remember correctly after the crash in '08 new regulations went into effect that if the closing costs changed(increases only) by more than a certain percentage, the settlement statement had to be redisclosed to the buyers at least 24 hrs prior to closing. Increases to closing costs could then delay closing but decreases were fine, hence overestimating.
  2. I can only give my experience of how title is listed in my state but you would have the deed as Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship not as Tenants in Common. I would probably add it to the will also just to be safe.
  3. I used to work for a title company. 1)The bank has to foreclose against everybody that has an interest in the property that came after their mortgage. This gives them a clear title to sell it after the foreclosure is complete. 2)I would think it may show up as a public record but that's just a guess.
  4. When i refinanced out of mine I was given the option to pay half of the interest recapture at that time & the rest would be wiped out or defer it & pay it all when I sold. I had only had the loan for two years so I chose to pay it. That was in 2005.
  5. http://forums.abebooks.com/abesleuthcom I've had good luck with this forum.
  6. My ex got this & the kids received $10, yes, $10 a month each because he had never paid much into the system. When my son finished high school my daughter got my son's part & about a year ago for some unknown reason the state started garnishing the ex's check for the $15000 in back support he owes. When I saw how little they were going to receive from SS that's when I threw in the towel on the child support. I had been working through our local prosecutor's child support division for about 10 years. When he applied, his caseworker called me at work at an agreed upon time to get the info on the kids. I would never give him their SS#'s or copies of birth certificates. When the ex started calling the kids this past summer wanting them to go to the courthouse & sign off on the back support he owes, wanting me to hire a lawyer to get the back support dropped, etc. the kids & I agreed to stop all contact. I don't blame you for not going after child support. When I think about the amount I've collected from support vs the BS I've had to put up with, totally not worth it.
  7. Well, I received a letter from a collection agency today. Letter says it has been referred to them so I think it's the bank trying to collect. They have the original bank listed but the account # does not match the account # from my old credit report. I have never done this before & don't want to screw it up. We only ever had two car loans with the original bank. One paid off & the repo from 1993. Since the account # doesn't match do I just send a regular dv? On an original $1995 with part of it paid & vehicle repo'ed & sold they now want over $6300.
  8. So I guess the point was to poison my credit report with that notation. Do they have permissible purpose? Even though they can't collect, I will still owe the money forever, right? I find it hard to believe that this would still be on their books after all these years. The original loan was for $1995. Have no idea how much was left. I know that they sold it but I don't recall getting anything from them saying we owed them a deficiency but they may have.
  9. Was joint on an account with the ex-opened in 1993. Repo'ed soon after right before the divorce. Have an old credit report from 2001 showing account closed with 0 balance & last activity in 1995. Just noticed a soft pull from 09/2010 from the bank that absorbed the original creditor when they went under in 2009. They did a hard pull on 11/24/10 with permissive purpose listed as collection. What, if anything, should I do about this? Can other creditors pulling my credit see that this is coded as a collection inquiry?
  10. I applied for the DPR amex on 6/17 & kept checking the sign in process since they had me set up a user name & password at application. On 6/23 it worked & I got an email on 6/24 confirming that I had been approved. Pulled experian back door & it is already reporting. They called 6/18 to verify address & she also said 7/10 days so I thought it was a denial. I don't like to call but that's just me. Good luck.
  11. "The plot of land is only 12.5 feet wide. In a few years, the piece of property reverted back to the original seller for $0. The data comes from a county recorder's office." Our county recorder's office won't look through the whole document for a correct description to put in the detail section of a search page. They just take whatever happens to be listed last in the last paragraph. My guess is that this was for a larger piece of property listed in a preceding paragraph of the legal description with the 12.5 feet from an easement description which is usually the last paragraph. When he filed BK, the contract seller could be listed as a creditor (like a mortgage). When it reverted back to the seller for $0-this was a way to clear up the title issue with the contract, buyer quit claims the property back to the seller. Just my guess.
  12. There's a free app called Wattpad that has Fahrenheit 451 for download.

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