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  1. From the Homestep sites... Requirements for Becoming a Listing BrokerHomeSteps has very specific requirements for becoming an active listing broker. Some of our general requirements include, but are not limited to: Proof of an active real estate broker license Proof of a minimum of $500,000 Errors & Omissions insurance coverage Proof of active membership in good standing with MLS board(s) within the primary market area Financial capability to support ongoing expenses incurred while marketing properties I am not an expert but I would think you would have a claim that could be recovered under her errors and omissions insurance. I would contact a lawyer ASAP and let her know you are contacting one. She knows you discovered the issue after you signed you do not want to get stuck with this issue. I would be concerned that she is sending someone else out and not coming herself.
  2. I am curious if you should contact your lender and have them hold the funds until the issue has been resolved. The property should have been maintained by the agent. Also, call Homesteps, maybe call your local news station. In my opinion this is the point where you need to be coming unglued and draw as much attention to this as possible. Do not take the realtor's word for anything. The realtor has to take responsibility for this it is there fault for not maintaining the property and winterizing after the appraisal. The house is not in the same condition as the appraisal which your loan is based on. Also, I am sure USDA is very particular that things should be in working order before a home can be purchased, this home no longer fits that criteria. I have been watching your story for a long time. I pray that this gets resolved quickly for you.
  3. Marv, I have been reading the automotive forum for many years and I have found your posts insightful and helpful. My husband and I recently purchased a car and the finance person tried to convince us that our 720+ scores were not eligible for the tier one rates. Fortunately, I new what was happening and was able to negotiate an acceptable rate. Thanks again for you taking time out of your busy life to be a resource for so many people!
  4. asl1

    My Midland Thread

    When should I be concerned that they are no longer resonding to my emails? I sent an email September 4th and have still not heard anything back.
  5. We ran into the same issue when we obtained our mortgage. The CU we applied told us that we did not have "enough" credit. The scores were inline and my husband had several open active open accounts. We had to go through quite a few lenders to find one that would work with us because his file was thin. The credit union told us it would not pass AU (automated underwriting). They actually told us to go and get more credit cards and try again in six months. Our realtor helped us find a lender that underwrites the loans in house and then sells them after closing. They were able to work with us with no issues and the file went through AU with no problems. Don't give up, keep looking.
  6. asl1

    My Midland Thread

    Well, Midland is still calling me... I had a conversation on the phone with someone from Midland and she told me that they only had to send validation when they purchased the account, which was in May. Then she tried to tell me that they have sent me two letters but I have not received anything. I asked her if the letters were sent certified mail and she said of course. Everyone who calls is obviously calling from India so I do not think she knew about certified mail. I emailed my attorney when this happened (six days ago) and they have not yet responded to my email. Yesterday, I received a demand letter from Midland, including the name of the person who called me last week. I am super stressed about the whole thing. I am really not feeling comfortable with the attorney situation. How long should it take before they actually do something? I submitted all the paperwork 8-21. I was told they would be researching and drafting a complaint to file with the court. When I questioned it they came back and said we will send a demand letter first and then file a complaint if no response. Maybe I am just being impatient but, Midland sues people often. Several years ago, after I hired an attorney to assist with a suit filed against me by Unifund, they defaulted on me. The attorney would not help get the default judgement dismissed. I lived with that on my credit for the last 5 years (only two more to go!). I really do not want this to happen with Midland.
  7. asl1

    My Midland Thread

    Question for Futurehomeowner. How long did it take to see some movement on your case? I submitted all my paperwork to the attorney last Wednesday and have not heard anything yet.
  8. asl1

    My Midland Thread

    Thank you for all the replies. It helps to know the process. The attorney did not explain any of this to me so I was unsure. My bad on the font size.
  9. asl1

    My Midland Thread

    I found an attorney willing to take on this issue. I spoke to him on the phone and he was very knowledgeable and agreed that there were numerous FDCPA violations. The attorney I spoke to was heading out of town this week and passed me off to his paralegal to get things started. She had me fill out a fee agreement and an FDCPA intake sheet The paralegal does not confirm receipt of my emails. Then today I ask her what next steps would be. She emails me back that another attorney was handling (which I specifically said I did not want) and that they were drafting a complaint with the court. What?! Am I missing something here? Wouldn't the first step be to send an ITS to Midland potentially triggering negotations before filing with court. I think they are assuming that I am an uninformed consumer and they are just going to pass me along. OH GEEZ!!
  10. Already removed. I did not think that part should stay.
  11. Thanks! I will get this out ASAP.
  12. It is the same CA, not a different one.
  13. My DH had a collection on his reports regarding car insurance. He does not have any recollection of owing anything upon cancellation of the policy. There was a collection on his report from CCS. I disputed in May 2012 via a written dispute. CCS was unable to verify and the account was removed. We have never heard another word regarding this account until yesterday. Yesterday my DH receives a letter in the mail that says "NOTICE ENCLOSED" in bright red lettering on the front and through the window you can clearly see the word "REPORTING" in bold print (the placement is obviously intentional). The letter goes on to say. "Your account was reported to a dredit bureau(s) and now displays a seriously deliquent payment obligation. You can pay this obligation, and this office will update the status of your account with the credit bureau(s) as paid-in-full. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This communication was sent by a debt collector." It includes information on where to remit payment and also that a statement about Credit Reporting and how information can be kept on files for up to seven years from the date of first deliquency under the FCRA and all actions by their office will be in compliance with FCRA. Then a payment slip. The cancellation date is 9/7/2007. I have tried to locate this on the board but I believe this is past SOL under UCC - 4 years. Even at 6 for oral contract it would expire shortly. I have not checked his reports yet but it seems pretty obvious they have reinserted. We moved last fall and they had our new address. Also, one of the points of my dispute was that they were reporting 120 days late, which is impossible because I had no payment obligation with them. I am working on drafting my response. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. asl1

    My Midland Thread

    http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=500059&hl= This links to another thread where I had a case of continued collection activity after DV, the attorney whom seemed interested at first found a reason not to take it.
  15. asl1

    My Midland Thread

    They seem to always find a reason not to take the case.

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