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  1. Hi , I didn't file BK. I just called and they don't do statements. I'll look into if there is a car loan forum here so I can shop around for better rates.
  2. Hi there, I've been searching but I thought I would ask: Are creditors required to give you monthly statements? And are they required to provide the interest rate to you in a way such that you don't have to call them every time to get it? (i.e. I want to log in and see it) Thanks
  3. What is is called on this platform? I'm looking for the master thread here, not on FatWallet.
  4. App-o-rama is what you call applying to multiple credit cards on the same day?? weird.
  5. I don't want to 'try' anything. I want to research the already tried way. That is why I am looking for a master thread, I want to apply all in the same day. How many is the max per day? What is the better time of month to apply? re: date before all or each CRA's update? What are success stories? What are the cards that are effective with this method? etc. I'm not looking for these to be answered here, again I'm looking for a Master thread on the subject.
  6. Hi thanks, I'm just doing balance transfers. Is there a maximum to limit it to on the day I apply? Also Any best days to apply? I'm looking for any process details or a master thread of successes.
  7. I'd like to read updated information to make sure if anything has changed from a couple of years ago. I'm wanting to apply to several 0% rate cards all at once to minimize credit damage. Is there a master thread on applying to multiple cards , (I've forgotten the lexicon of what this is called so I'm having a hard time searching for it ) Thanks,
  8. snarf

    OC calling everyday

    It's not a card
  9. snarf

    OC calling everyday

    Pay them and they will stop. Why assume I am not paying them?
  10. snarf

    OC calling everyday

    I'm in Texas .
  11. snarf

    OC calling everyday

    By what law?
  12. snarf

    OC calling everyday

    I'm looking for resources on handling an OC that is calling everyday.
  13. I've been here a while, just didn't touch any lates since 2006. But my question is about the law... specifically the section mentioned.

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