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  1. 1. I have started reaching out to local lenders. I'm wondering if credit unions will be a better bet? 2. I have reserves, yes. I also live in a highly desirable area in the best economy in the country 3. yes I rent out rooms, and also have a separate building
  2. Hello, I have high equity in my property (over 300k). I have no intentions of selling. Because I am self employed, my dti ratio is not enough for the traditional refinance options. I have renters that cover the mortgage and have been for the past 12 years. I live in the property and it is my homestead. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  3. Pardon me - the next Chase Credit Journey update is on August 10. Even though it did alert me of a change to my credit ( a CL increase ). My guess is that it has not 'refreshed' the score yet.
  4. I have a Chase Credit Journey account for credit monitoring which uses an Experian VantageScore® 3.0 which is at 748 However when I log into my Experian account it shows a Higher Score labeled as FicoScore8 at 798. Why is there such a big difference when they are both from Experian?
  5. Why do I have to search high and low for the master free FICO thread when it could be referenced here?
  6. oops - go figure. That's what I get for sneaking in credit board messages during work.
  7. Will that affect my credit score if I don't have revolving credit being used? I use this one and pay it off , keeping it for credit score purposes. In other words if all of my credit cards are at $0 with no usage - doesn't that affect score?
  8. I initially paid $400, a month - after a year at my job I lowered to $100 and am in pursuit of a new job. It's common in my industry to negotiate a sign on bonus. So my plan going forward is paying $100 a month until my next sign on.
  9. Thanks, I did not know Slate was no bt fee. I plan to negotiate a sign on bonus when I switch jobs in the next year which will pay this off.
  10. oops the $6600 is on USAA Amex $25,00. None of these are new within the past 24 months.
  11. Thanks. All my credit cards are over 10,000 Chase Sapphire 3k/ $21,000 Amex Delta $0/ $12,000 Citi $0/$24,000 Home Depot $0/$10000 800 fico for what it's worth
  12. Hi All, My goal to transfer my credit debt to another 0% interest card when the 0% interest term is up in a month. details Amount is $6600, paying $100 a month. options 0% Credit Card at 18 months at a 3% fee. vs. Taking a 0% Alliant Credit Card for 12 months at a 2% fee. assumptions I'm making the assumption that after running the course of 1 or 2 above , another option for at least 18 months at 3% fee will be available. (my credit score will probably be 800 by then )
  13. Thanks @IndyPoolPlayer . I thought enough of the picture was evident when I stated my savings was depleted. Which would cover unemployment periods.
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