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    Good old Utah, here. Right in the middle of sale and purchase, at the same time. Closings are set for within 5 days of each other. Cash is definitely king right now. Even strong offers like ours ($350k cash, $150 mortgaged)... We lost on 8 houses to all cash buyers.
  2. @monachoSend me a PM if you'd like some info on a possible work-around for Amex AU.
  3. ^This. I'm in the limited success group. BK7 in 2008, AmEx included. Was definitely a lucky backdoor workaround I'd discovered which bypassed the auto-decline UW blacklist. Now have Platinum ($50k approved threshold), Gold ($50k, as well), Delta ($30k), EDP ($27k) and Amazon Business Amex (Think I'm getting close to my 'tapped out' from AmEx - Whopping $5k). Of course we all know that AmEx no longer backdates for reporting; but all of my physical cards do show my original "Since '06".
  4. Congrats! They won't give me one, period. "Not enough usage." or "No recent usage/payments" or whatever garbage reason they use. And I really don't care enough to use the card to try and get an increase. *shrug*
  5. Haven't been on in a while. Decided to check mine. $50k > $70k Requested $80k
  6. Forgot to mention that approximately 45 days after the first three - Took a targeted offer on the Delta Gold. 20,000 after $1000, plus $200 back on first Delta Purchase within 90 days.
  7. Sub is nothing to write home about. $100 for $1500 in 90. 0% APR for 13 Months. It's a 3x/2x/1x/Quarterly Category Selection type setup. Categories change quarterly... But this one is different because there are no caps. Just can't seem to locate the Calendar for this year to see what they're like. The sample they sent me is: Food/Travel/Home Improvement for the 3x and Gas/Utility/Grocery for the 2x.
  8. Any news on these guys? Haven't seen much posted here since the NBA Card. Getting snail mail pre-approvals from them, weekly. Any reason to take it?
  9. PenFed*0.1 I know Looking at CP it appears that limits are weak with Blispay across the board. Which car is getting 22" rims thanks to your new card?????? I am good with the rims that come stock. I think I am up to 779 miles now. I can't justify putting fancy things on the car. We hope to do something like this. The Toyobaru Prija
  10. First set of new Apps in a long time! Finally off the BL. 10 Years + 1 Month = Started receiving Pre-Selected Offers Amice Platinum - 75k SUB Amice PRG - 50k SUB Amice ED - 25k SUB (and a $25k Limit)
  11. NFCU: $50k PenFed: $35k BofA: $35k NFCU: $50k BofA: $50k PenFed: $35k
  12. Beautiful!!! Nice! At $35k with BofA. Wonder if they'll match my highest - Currently @ $50k. ETA: Congratulations! Your credit line has been approved. Your new total credit line is $50,000.00 with a cash credit line of $5,000.00 and is available for immediate use.
  13. TAD would rather have a window seat and sit next to a stranger than take the aisle seat adjacent to mine. Which is fine. It's not like we don't have an entire vacation to talk each other's ears off, plus he's always sleeping before the door closes at the departure gate anyway. Truly baffling to me. My better half is the same way.
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