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  1. DJ

    Verifying of income

    Again, I see everyone saying it is fraud. That is not in debate.....agreed, it is fraud and illegal. HOW DO THEY KNOW IF ANYONE REALLY MAKES WHAT THEY CLAIM WITHOUT A FINANCIAL REVIEW (i.e. paycheck stub, etc)? The CC company doesn't, right?
  2. DJ

    Verifying of income

    ^right. I don't lie. Never have, never will. If I am denied, its probably for a reason. But again, how do they know? What if I say I make $100k and I really make $40k, but I never have a review, and I never miss a payment and maintain good status. HOW DO THEY KNOW? And if it has been discussed, please show me where. My search skills must be weak, cuz I didn't find it.
  3. Simple question I have always had. Creditors ask on an application your annual income. Let's say my income is $35k, but I wrote $75k. How do they know the truth? I am not talking about existing cards that do a financial review..... Or what about when you call a CLI, and they ask your income, and you make something up. Do they check your income amount somewhere? Just curious. Thanks
  4. I went from 0 to 14. Ouch. Thankfully most are in 2008 so hopefully they will be gone soon anyways. Danm this.
  5. thanks guys..... I should have clarified..... this is my first home. He wants to help me somehow, not necessarily make this an investment for him. We understand the risks involved. Its more about a help thing than anything
  6. K, so I am about to buy a house. My dad wants in on it. His house is paid off. He has money to burn. I was gonna put $10k down, but he is willing to put another $40k down on it. The whole "don't do business with family thing" doesn't apply....we are not like that, so just focus on the "ideas" part of this please. Option #1: So, lets say I buy a house for $200k, with $50k down....I owe $150 on it, 15 year mtg, pay it off...blah blah blah....but for my dad, this is an investment. And he doesn't wanna wait 15 yrs to get his money back, nor even 7 years. And if he waits that long, he may only get his original money back, so its not really even worth doing. Option #2: Me putting my 10K down, he putting 10k down, and us going straight up 50/50 on this. Again, what happens in the long run though, how does he get his money back and make a gain on it? He may not make anything. Option #3: Went to the bank today and spoke to a broker. Dad qualifies a line of credit @4.25% for the entire purchase of the house. I would take that money and buy the house, in my name, and start paying back on the line. It is adjustable with prime, but there is a clause that I can jump out and get into a refi mortgage at any time, i.e. when prime starts to catch up to mortgage rates. The hesitation is, Dad is concerned because it would a line against a just paid off house, and no protection. Unless, with option #3, he would take the line and I purchase the home. Then I get the same line of credit, pay him back, and pay on the line, on my home, in my name, and his home would be off the hook quickly. Even possible? Or, again with option #3, can I get a mortgage, then get a line of credit? I don't think so, but worth asking. I am already approved for a mortgage, and I can go buy this home right now, no prob. However, if I can get it cheaper and pay it off quicker, thats always something that is a good thing. Just exploring a few more ideas before I take the jump here. I would NEVER let him down or risk anything happening, but you always gotta take the precautions. Think outside the box here....comments, thoughts, and ideas please!
  7. The link did not work for me either.
  8. DJ

    Derogatory on CR

    not worried about the inquiries....luckily, I still have TC and NC to pull my reports daily. TU has 0, EQ has 1, EX is a prick and has 26. I have argued with creditors that EX refuses to work with me to work on my report, and if they look at the other two, they are clean, and that usually works. K, thanks....need to try the 1-2 knockout punch and see what I can. I am looking to get a mortgage soon, and want my report as clean as possible
  9. DJ

    Derogatory on CR

    Its been a while since I read about it, but how long does a derogatory item remain on your CR. I thought it was two years?! If so, how do I get removed. The original creditor is no help, and I have NEVER had any luck fighting Experian. One is Wash Mut, last report was a derogatory Feb 06. The other is Citibank from Oct 06. Thanks
  10. Talk to a Customer Service Team member.* Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to Midnight Friday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time Call toll-free (800) 493-2392
  11. DJ

    AOL collections

    We had AOL for a long time (easier for my parents to use), but I told my brother I didnt want it anymore and would not pay for it. We transferred everything over to him, and he ended up cancelling the account back in June 07. Got a letter the other from their collections department stating that the account has been closed due to nonpayment, and I am responsible for paying $55.xx for this. I called and spoke to their rude customer service, I know, never call, but I was hoping that since the account was cancelled 7 months ago, it would be a simple matter. They asked for the confirmation number for the account closing. Well, that was 7 months ago and in a different state, so that piece of paper is LONGGGGGGGG gone. And they send me a second letter demanding payment or will send to collections. Gonna send a DV letter. Other advice or experience? Its not about the $55, its about the principle. Thanks
  12. ^ good question. I transferred BofA and a couple of others to Citi to save on interest. Leaving Nat City where it is. Gonna pay these off ASAP.

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