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  1. Sorry I mean I paid the CA not the OC. One of the reasons for this is that they recently went after a sister of mine for medical bills and got a judgment to garnish her. I will try the links out and see if that will work. Thanks Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk 2
  2. Hi there hoping someone could give me some advice on how to proceed. I had two collections on my report for past medical bills. These are bills I never got anything in the mail for and funny enough are for the same hospital I work at now. They were small enough that I just figured I would pay them off which I just completed last week. While on the phone with the CO I tried to see if they would delete them but they just said they would update in 48hrs as paid on my credit report. Well its been over a week and my daily credit pulls with USAA do not show them as paid yet. I'm not sure how I should proceed with this so some guidance on it would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have written 5 dispute letters for transunion for public records which when I contact the public office for them they are unable to find records for these. I'm wanting to know if I should send these all at once or stagger them out? I don't know if it makes a difference but thought I would check with feedback before I sent out.
  4. Yes I did send it CMRRR I'll have to go dig through my files to find the original.
  5. I have a $92.00 mark on my credit reports from a Bonneville Billing for what says "Returned Check" on 9/1/2007. I had sent them a DV letter a couple of months ago but never heard anything back and was busy working on some other issues to follow up on it. I'm looking on some feedback on how to handle this. Thanks
  6. Anyone know why my usaa creditcheck wouldn't be pulling Equifax? It shows "No Data Returned For This Bureau" for them under Account History and the Credit Score it gives me is 9002. This has been going on for about a couple of weeks.
  7. Thanks I'll check the medical subforum.
  8. The credit union is 6 years old the sears card is 5 years old. I have a tax lien I'm paying off right now from Idaho that's about done but is reporting the full balance on my report. I also have a couple medical bills from the last couple of years that I never got bills for and just appeared on my report a couple months ago that I'm trying to work with the CA on. I typically pay any balance on my secure card off on the first before it reports and I've had it for about a year.
  9. The only person in my family with any credit is my sister she has offered to add me to her 2 major cards that she has and I'm wanting some advise if its something I should do. She has two cards one with a credit union that has a $4000 line with a $1000 on it and a card through sears with 3000 and about 400 on it. I only have a 200 capitol one credit card thats a secure card that I pay off each month. I don't have any loans or mortgage. I have about a 600 fiko right now and a bankruptcy thats about to turn 10 years old in may if that helps at all. Thanks
  10. What did you use for your dispute reason?
  11. When I go to experians website to dispute my bk it says I have to call to for the "someone with the same name" dispute. Is this what everyone else had to do is call them?
  12. Oh crap lol sorry its late here my mind isn't working right I did mean DV not VD
  13. Really? I thought that's who you send the VD letters to was the CA first.

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