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  1. Pulling 15 times a month just isn't gonna get it done. It'll take over 4 months to get your first. You should start pulling everyday. You might even wanna double up with another puller.
  2. I've noticed a reverse in TU and EQ. My 3 December 17th TU's took 5 weeks to b*, while my January 1st and 2nd EQ's b*'ed in 3 weeks. Usually for me it's the other way around.
  3. I just got some EQ mortgage inq b* luv today. Most TU b*'s I've ever had in one day was 3.
  4. According to Fair Issac, median FICO is 723.. meaning, half of people with a calculable FICO are over 723, and the other half under. It's not a true average, as in adding all scores together, then dividing by the number of scores, but it's the "average" that Fair Issac uses for their statistical purposes.
  5. too bad you didn't try the CUs sorry to hear about the denials. Thanks. These denials pretty much suggest to me that my FICO increase is somewhat artificial. My scores rocketed up almost 100 points (125 on TU) without a single baddie being removed. Each of those sitting baddies were noted as being the reasons for the denials. And I've tried to remove them, but they're here to stay. I'll probably let my current cards age about 6 months before trying the CU's.
  6. Was the credit limit of your Orchard card hurting the average credit limit of all of your cards? Also, how much did it increase your overall utilization?
  7. Experian = 0 public records TransUnion and Experian = TWO public records each.. one '04 judgment and one '07 tax lien Yet Experian is my lowest score.
  8. 799? Ouch, lol. Actually, that's a nce problem to have! I fed another $3.96 to the Quarterly Monitoring monster one more time today just to see if I busted through. I paid $1 per point. Now I can relax and resist the temptation to buy my scores for a while.
  9. SkeeWee

    FICO score

    I used my debit card the first time. You should be able to use yours if you don't have a CC.
  10. SkeeWee

    FICO score

    You can sign up for the 30-day free trial of ScoreWatch. They'll give you your Equifax FICO for free. If you join FICO Quarterly Monitoring, and use the mw01 promo discount, you'll get your TransUnion FICO for $3.96.
  11. SkeeWee

    target visa

    Nope, you're right. On FICO they even put that little credit card icon next to it. I think total credit limit/utilization/diverse credit products might be why my score went up.
  12. SkeeWee

    target visa

    Hey thanks-) everything was done on the keypad. I really shouldnt of applied as I have a heloc hitting the cra soon but hey I bought some stuff and saved 10%. Congrats. I love HELOCs. I have 4, and the first one just reported this morning. Now I can hide my other balances in it, so each of them report $0 when it's their turn as well. I thought my scores were gonna take a hit, but they actually went up 15 to 25 points. I'm thinking about applying for the Target VISA too is they don't upgrade my CL average-busting REDcard soon.
  13. Congrats, Carlos! I fed the monster today too. The credit gods must be laughing at how they kept me a point away from my goal.
  14. Hey Soror, Did you do this and they not charge you a late fee or anything for not exactly making a payment?? Hi soror. Yup, no late fee. By waiving the annual fee for 3 months, they simply credited my account the $17.85 at activation (they deducted the $17.85 from my activation fee). Then, they bill me as usual. I've already sock-drawered the card, but will keep it open for age and as a green tradeline until if and when they decide not to waive the fee. Most likely, I'll close it after 12 months. It's already helping kill my CL average.
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