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  1. Hey. The problem is happening to me as well. Iv'e tried Dell HD and Exxon and they all say the same thing, that they can't find a file. HD actually found a file after I gave them the number...but told me that I need 3 years of credit history, which baffles me because I've seen people get a paydex and get all kinds of credit on this board. But it's best to wait and try to get more trades, if the problem persists after that..then i'd worry.
  2. I've done this before. Was supposed to pay by 5pm eastern, paid at 5:04pm online and they counted it as the next day. I called in, the rep told me they give you about two days grace and not to worry, and no I didnt get reported late, or have a late fee. Still you should call.
  3. Thanks for the info, I'll wait it out.
  4. They are telling me they cannot find a D&B file. Does my file being thin explain that? and typically, how many should I have reporting before I go after Amazon? in your opinion.. thanks
  5. I got a EAAA12 code...Called in..was told that I needed to PG. I have a paydex of 80 and an experian of 90. I don't get it
  6. I don't have the report with me...so i'm trying to remember correctly, since I don't want to pull my dnb too often within a week, so forgive me. 1. office supply <--something like that 2. office supply 3. telephone communication services <--something like that. I can't remember word for word... And the file started in May 07. Even still, a lot of people here who have applied and received the Home Depot Business card, did not have an established D&B report for two years at the time they applied.... at least from what I've read on the Biz credit approved list. And for a
  7. Hey dizy thanks for replying, Yeah..I feel better ...a little . Yes, I learned to ask questions when I get denied, and make sure to talk with the underwriter. However they say the same things, especially on the dnb, that there is nothing showing up. I'm thinking somehow they are pulling the wrong dnb? because I've had dnb reporting slightly longer than experian(maybe a couple of weeks), and they can at least FIND something on experian, however no dnb. Yes, HD did say two years, however I've been in biz since..2005, I formed my LLC in 2006, and did not start building credit til
  8. I know this is a very repetitive question. But I have my paydex (80) score now, where do I go from here? I may have jumped the gun, but I applied for Lowes and HD revolving credit cards, HD claims I have nothing on my duns and bradstreet, and that my experian is not old enough. My D&B has been reporting for at least 2 months now, as well as my experian (in which I have a 90 on). I try to limit my apps to about 2 or 3 credit apps a month, so my inquries will not build up. But it seems everytime they pull, they claim to never see anything on my D&B, and that can't be true si
  9. Hey guys..question.. I still have just two reporting on experian..however today I received an alert in the e=mail saying I had two inquiries on my file. I looked, and my score has been bumped from 40 to 90. ? I'm not exactly sure how that happened. Also on the homepage it says my rating is "40 on 9/28/07" since I bought the three month, this will probably update to "90 on 10/28/07"? Lastly, (sorry) will creditors see the score within my report when they pull, or will they still see 40? Thanks
  10. errr nevermind about the business date question!! lol
  11. Hey Congrats! Questions, how old is your corp? And what card did you apply for?
  12. I mean't to say "doesn't" not does. Question..what are your stats lp?
  13. I got a code 25 on both Exxon and Shell...Called in..they told me..experian nor D&B had any reports? Which does make sense..because i've had two reporting on D&B for two weeks now. And I've had one on experian since monday, (when I applied). So a PG has been sent out
  14. I have four net 30's since July, staples and office depot since may. bought from them , and paid off all. I believe I do have just one reporting. I'm actually confused by my report. It says I have a total of 2 on file, but I only see one. It says Short term busn credit. Then when I look under PAYMENTS, I see two showing. So does this mean I actually have two reporting? I will be patient, it is no problem. I was just observing a lot of users obtaining credit, with only 1 or 2 reporting w/o pg, and I didnt want to miss out on good credit opportunities.
  15. congrats:) Where did you apply?
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