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  1. They are changed and updated on all 3 CRAs.
  2. I needed so B* coming back in 2yrs? Nope. I was being sarcastic meaning that you'll app in 2 years when your inquiries fall off your reports man... I needed to b* off some Inqs but procrastinated. seems like its gone for good (?) missed the last train by couple of month.
  3. Is yours with Great Lakes? Pretty much the same things, just personalized a bit with my own experience. Whoever i wrote it to over the years, I tried to stick to the same story. I usually change the tone a bit.
  4. Open a bunch of new TLs haha... no app till B* comes back! my goal is to see how far the rabbit hole goes. Fico score that is! i could never cross 750. Clearing up my balances from all CCs to push it to maximum. will report back.
  5. One of the happiest day of my life of credit repair journey! I had a SL late payment baddie TL for years with no luck with many GW letters, phone calls and emails. This was the last item which i couldn't clean up all these time but time to time kept doing it to get lucky one day. I wrote many letters every couple of months and emails to different people from different people supporting my case. Even my bank manager certifiying how bad i needed it. After years of trying I gave up hopes long back but kept sending letters and emails. Finally today i got the greatest news of my repair journey
  6. but in the long run you will come out ahead with PL. its a no brainier!
  7. Freezing LN is a good idea regardless if you can do it. If you live in VA you might be able to. try this thread. click here there are discussions regarding this.
  8. tough bargain in todays economy not that you have many other choice for the TU pullers that count!
  9. so many reported approvals here for cash+ but nothing on CreditPull?
  10. congrats but i would recon on the limits on most approvals.
  11. I am opted out of LN. Should i send my disputes to EQ. I read that EQ hires people to verify in person? I would try it......I would dispute something like I never filed for BK at this courthouse, I never had a judgement from this court etc. Or any other detail item that might be inaccurate. I dont think EQ hires anyone to check in person. My newest L/N report now has a bunch of address that specify Equifax as the source. I am pretty sure the have some kind of info sharing agreement. There was another post that said EQ sent them a pacer report that showed it came from L/N. OCCG
  12. Wish I would've known earlier! I have a couple of negatives scheduled to fall off in 2 months! Then all clean! Never under estimate the power of recon. even if it is for the same app, odds can only get better with you trying it again
  13. I made an inq with my banker about this card, she got back to me with the following info: 1. Cash+ is a Signature card with high standards in approvals(?). 2. You'll be approved for minimum of 5k limit. 3. Credit can't have any negative history or youy'll not be approved. 4. They will pull EQ. 5. If you are not approved for a Cash+ card, you'll be approved for a regular card. If you are approved for lower limit, its a non signature card probably. Though I do not have a CC, I have always had very pleasant banking experience with USB. I may get this card at some point only bcos i
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