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  1. Trying to get an invalid account removed. Not likely but I’ve tried everything and need it re It worked. Thank you!
  2. First, I know disputes should be made via postal mail certified with a return receipt. I’m trying to reach Experian. All numbers are routed to 2 prompts both handled by an automated system. Any other number(s) I can call to reach a live person right now?
  3. Experian won't budge. They're saying the original creditor verified its accuracy.
  4. Results came back: one trade line is pending as they’re investigating. one trade line remains. which is weird because in CFPB response, rep said one trade line had been removed.
  5. I have a paid subscription with Experian. My other reports refresh quarterly but I can see my Experian reports and scores daily.
  6. They still won’t budge — and they’re lying. Filed CPFB Complaint. Experian responded that one of the accounts no longer appeared (which it does) and that they would reinvestigate, follow up with results and provide an updated copy of credit report. Instead, they sent a pre-made post card explaining their role in the dispute process. I also noticed they changed the account numbers (both have the same account numbers now.)
  7. Experian reached back out saying my dispute was frivolous and that I should provide new information if I want them to reinvestigate.
  8. One is for 07/17/2017 and the other 05/16/2018 - both outside of a year. Thank you so much!
  9. For validation, it looks like some type of Account Statement? It includes: Account Number Original Creditor Patient Name, DOB Description of service: "Emergency Department V" Balance: $470 Doctor Seen Insurance + Policy #
  10. It's me again I've been following the HIPAA guide. CRA verified account. CA sent validation for both. If these were legitimate I'd probably give up by now. The insurance coverage network we were under is no longer in business, so getting EOMB or any other records seems impossible at this point. Even if I wanted to pay the original creditor instead, per the guide, there's no information about them anywhere. Validation the CA sent literally only lists OC's name but no address or phone number.
  11. If we wanted to go a different route of them just dismissing the debt (instead of compelling arbitration in a federal court) how can we enforce that? JDB hasn't responded to arb, haven't reached out to me, but collections are still on my reports.
  12. Is there any place us everyday people can learn how to file a petition to compel arb in federal court? Did you actually file or did you just threaten to file?
  13. As far as assets, can you form an LLC and have family member transfer assets to it instead of to you personally? Obviously, you'll need to speak with an attorney (I believe creditors may be able to "pierce the corporate veil" in some cases but it's worth an ask?

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