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  1. The consensus is to remove negative tradelines all together because making payments don't necessarily equal boosted. Even paid collections are still collections and simply update status to paid which can be detrimental to scores because of DOLA. Here's my situation: My income for the past 2 years have been inconsistent in freelancing. I've landed something more permanent and want to start making arrangements. MY CREDIT REPORT REVIEW: I have 4 charge offs (all charged off in the past year or so) 1 card 30-59 Days Late Autoloan in good standing, 90-119 Days Late 1 account never late Even my Self Lender account is closed with a 30-59 days late 1 collection from Portfolio Recovery (OC Comenity Bank) As you can see my reports are s***. Such is life. I'd gotten on hardship plans that eventually went to hell because of late invoices, unexpected changes in clientele, etc. At this point I want to start making things right but I want to go about it in the most beneficial way. It's been a couple of years since I've been in a credit repair journey and want to refresh in regards to repairing and repaying:
  2. I've been making payments, albiet late often, but scrambling to catch up on my auto loan with NFCU. Apparently I fell behind in November and regardless of the payments I've made, I'm still 53 days past due. The repossession and collection departments won't be open until Monday morning and no standard rep is able to tell if my car is on the repossession list. The weird part is I only need $243 to bring my account current as of today (only $13 more than my typical car note) but the account is still 53 days past due. I'll be able to make payment next week when client fulfills their invoice of which they confirmed they will. Anyone know when NFCU typically repossess? Is it typically after 60 or 90 days? Car is in someone else's name I'm the co-owner and a notice may have been sent to them but I don't believe I've received anything. Owner says he hasn't received a notice but it could be possible he overlooked or misplaced mail. Trying to find a peace of mind before Monday morning when I'm able to speak with them.
  3. Nope, this came directly to my inbox. The print validation document here is a link. I sent a validation request via postal mail.
  4. Is this a thing now? TrueAccord sent an email with a "Your Request for Verification" as the subject. We've finished processing your request, and we have confirmed that you owe a balance of $XX with PNC Bank. You can print your debt validation document here. We will now continue to collect on this verified debt balance. If you have additional questions, please contact us at (866) 611-2731 or reply to this email. Best, TrueAccord Should I download it? Does this count as validation? I've never received validation via email. How do they know I read it? There's no return receipt.
  5. April 2017. I haven't talked to insurance company. On my list to call tomorrow!
  6. I completely forgot about WhyChat's method for medical trade lines. I fired off validation letters to three CA's, including a medical collection. During the time of the ER visit, our medical coverage was pending. I was told once it was approved, to call a number to get the bill covered. I completely dropped the ball on it as I was terribly ill for months. Anyway, the CA validated. This is my first medical account I've ever had to deal with. Any suggestions on next steps? Update: Just called financial services at hospital and it's to late to add the bill under medical coverage.
  7. Long story short, lost my job about a year ago and had a part time sole proprietor business. After job loss I had to rely solely on inconsistent PT business income (while navigating health issues.) It's been tough as nails to establish a full time income since and as a result I've been unable to keep 3 of my credit cards afloat. Total credit card debt about 32K, nearly the same as my annual income of 35K last year. 32K is a lot in CC debt I know. I had to cover medical expenses and cost of living when my income was down to nothing. This is the problem, even if I make payment arrangements, my sporadic income makes it difficult to cover my basic living expenses let alone making payments in a timely manner for credit card debt. I'm working on establishing additional streams of income and increasing income in general. I'm considering a chapter 7, but I'm not sure if it's my best move, especially because I'm not a property owner yet and would look to purchase when I get back on my feet. My current reports have a collection from an emergency room visit during my health crisis along with a host of lates on 5 of my credit cards. I'm opening a credit builder CD loan account with Self Lender this week to add a positive tradeline to my reports.
  8. When I made arrangements, it was before I went delinquent, and so I called to enroll in their financial hardship program. I was not past due or trying to avoid a charge off.
  9. Some background info More Comenity Bank headache. I called in to make a payment arrangement back in April. BEFORE I had any late payments, After being laid off, I knew the impending financial situation and wanted to make arrangements prior to. Long story short, I asked rep to NOT withdraw payments automatically for pay schedule duration because I wasn't sure what my account balances would be. I go to make a purchase to find that it was indeed taken out. No big deal, at least it was paid. Following month, they didn't take it out automatically. I called in to see why and rep said no automatic withdrawal arrangements were made. Fine, I paid manually. I wake up to a 30 days past due notation. Disputed with CRA's came back verified. Filed BBB complaint and basically got a "we're right, you're wrong response." Dealing with a ton in my personal life (health and financial) so I figure I'll tackle later. Is this a FBCA violation? Fast forward to TODAY I find late notations every month since then. This must surely be a mistake. I call Comenity Bank and supervisor tells me "well, although we put you on this payment plan, those payments did not satisfy your minimum payments due. And so technically you were 3o days late each month because of the remaining amounts due from previous month." Wait what? The payment amounts WERE GIVEN TO ME! They came up with due dates and amounts, I had no idea they weren't satisfying my minimum payment requirements. I feel tricked or like I'm being retaliated against. IDK but this does not feel right. Is this common knowledge? Was I suppose to assume this? I'm going to go ahead and file a CFPB complaint. But gosh, after this I really don't want to do business with them anymore.
  10. Submitted a complaint against OC (disputed with CRA's first, CRA's verified). I followed up with BBB complaint with "hey you're wrong about this" language. They respond and say, no we're correct according to our records also we only delete information we furnished incorrectly. At this point CRA's have updated the account with an even later notation, which was dead flowers wrong. I respond to company's response and say hey not only are you wrong about initial late, but you updated my account to reflect an even later payment. Why did you do that? Their final response is basically "look, we've responded to your complaint already." Not sure how to proceed. OC is Comenity Bank.
  11. To get to the point, I was diagnosed with a condition several months back that has made it difficult to keep up with everyday life like paying bills, keeping appointments, etc. BEFORE I was late, I called up Carsons (A BonTon store) and told them my situation. I was transferred to a department that dealt specifically with financial hardships and then was put on a payment plan. This happened in April. The rep asked me if I'd like the payments automatically withdrawn, but with the financial uncertainty I said no to prevent overdrafts to my checking account. The rep said ok, but I would have to call back in May and June to make payments. Everything was fine. In May, the payment hit my account. It definitely threw off my budget for that week but I was grateful they went ahead and took out the payment so that I can stay on track. I figured they'd do the same for June. Maybe the rep made a mistake and set me up for automatic payments anyway, was my thought. Nope, they didn't take the payment in June and a 30 day late hit my account. Yes, I could have called in June but between feeling ill and several doctor's appointments it got lost in the shuffle. I know I have to dispute with CRA's before going to OC and so I fired off those letters last week. As for strategy, I was thinking: CRA Dispute If verified, go to OC if nothing, BBB complaint Any feed back?
  12. Found some search results from a few years ago but no recent wins. Thanks
  13. I missed the 0% balance transfer boat in December. NFCU sent me an email about a 2.99% offer I want to take advantage of. I already have the GoRewards (about 4 years now). Any card recs?

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