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  2. Sorry if my English is broken. I broke my right hand and hard to type. Sorry if my English is broken. I broke my right hand and hard to type.
  3. I have been on credit boards since 2007. I'm very quiet and worked with my credit all the knowledge that everyone has given throughout the years. I don't like the post because I don't have usually much to say, but today a small victory has occurred and I felt the need to share some positive feedback. I've had Baddies on my credit report due to two divorces and several military deployments. I decided to tackle my credit problems, so I sent out a validation of that letter to a collection agency that had posted several years of negative info (due to the confidentiality agreement I cannot state the name of the collection and see but please note it is all over the credit boards hall of shame out of NY). Nov 2, 2015 - validation letter sent to verify debt. Nov 2, 2015 - dispute to credit reporting agencies Dec 4th - no response except several harassing calls from creditor after many years never hearing from them. Dec 5th - cease and desist letter sent to collection agency(certified) Feb 1st - 2016 filed a police report against several calls per day and. Week against collection agency. Feb 2nd 2016- filed a small claims lawsuit for harassment, failing to validate debt, mail fraud (requesting money without validating) and significant financial damage to my credit report and creditors. I had no intention to win but wanted to let them know I was serious and it was worth the filing fees and court of $300. I had no intention to win but wanted to let them know I was serious and it was worth the filing fees and court of $300. Company was served and I was contacted within a week and offered a settlement to drop charges. Back and forth negotiations with their attorney and the following. SETTLEMENT: April 25th 2016 - CollectionRemoved from file. $2,000.00 plus settlement and court costs ****Don't be afraid people of debt collectors!! Just hold them responsible for their actions.
  4. What you need to do is first send a copy of your husbands orders to At&t collections department (fax & certified mail) requesting the account contract be only terminated for overseas deployment and that when you were stationed overseas your account should have been terminated due to no service in area. By LAW the telephone service can not continue service if your area of living does not provide proper service. They may argue that you should have initally contacted them and your argument is they are in Direct Violation of the SSCRA when they sent your account to collections. Its also in your best interest to send a copy of this to the 3rd Party Collection agency ALONG (VERY IMPORTANT) with "CEASE AND DESIST". The C&D should only be directed towards the Collection Agency. Then you need to send a copy of the amazing letter you wrote along with a dispute to the 3 credit reporting agencys.
  5. Neen hanging around this site for a couple of years now. First time I felt the need to chime in and say my peace. Take it from someone who just spent 20 years in the Marine Corps. I have gone from Good Credit to Poor Credit to divorce to ok credit and vice versa many a times over to the point where i get paranoid when the thought of deployment would set in. 10 years ago before the internet and its capabilities by the time I paid my bills they were always 30 days late which would increase interest rates and a spiral from there. Its hard to plan when living pay check to pay check then getting 18-24 hours to pack up and leave.... not to mention using 10-20 of those hours in meetings and getting eveyone else in your platoon ready. Next I would get called up at a moments notice only to be thrown in the desert only to work out my bills at 3 AM. Companies who were very supportive in the beginning of the war are just a tired of "time" as everyone else is and work around the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act and figure creative ways to get thier money. I retired just as broke as when i joined many of years ago. Maybe it was poor planning on my part, or just life itself. Either way I couldnt get a loan to start my own business after achieving a Bachelors and serving our country for 20+ years yesterday...I was told even with my 680 fico that I dont make enough money to purchase my home now that I no longer have a job, right before he called "DUDE"....I was told this by a 24 year old in a business suite who was driving a car worth 5X more then mine. Im glad my sacrafices gave him the oppertunity to go to school and make the kind of money that he makes..I am not at all mad at him even though I wanted to reach over the table and choke him I just smiled and shook his hand. I made a choice to serve our country. I made a choice to apply for credit...i made a choice who i paid and when I paid...mistakes happen...life happen....We are in a world where once your in the hole that took seconds to dig.............takes years to pull yourself out.........but always remember this......theres always tomorrow.........wish you all here the best..........

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