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  1. Property taxes are $2505 a year insurance $1800/year truck payment $615, car payment $249
  2. I have been buying a home on contract purchase price was $183,000 on July 2016 and have paid it down to $53000 and have done $150,000 worth of improvements to the house/property, however my income on tax returns after deductions is only around $25000, if they add back in depreciation for equipment my income is closer to $100k. Does any banks do these kinds of loans anymore? The guy i bought it off of is okay with carrying the loan a little longer, but I would like to get them paid and have a mortgage reporting on my credit to help it improve.
  3. Thanks! will follow that, it's 2 years and 10months old.
  4. I was in an accident a few years back, and thought I had all my bills paid, however this one is on my credit I just notice it, it's INDIANA MUTUAL CR ASSOC 6955 HILLSDALE COURT INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46250 (317) 849-6933 Is that the same as IMC?? Has anyone had any luck with doing a PFD, I have no problem paying as I received medical treatment and this one fell through the cracks.
  5. Okay, I sent a letter into Experian for an account of Alexander Rose Associate saying I have no record of this account: (I have no record of this account from this creditor for these dates for these amounts. If these accounts are verified, please furnish me with the name and address of the verifying party, the method of verification, and the reported first delinquency from the original creditor.) They sent me back saying Results are outcome: Updated but they never sent me anything showing how they verified it, is that correct? I know for a fact we have no contract with them, it was for a business location we was leasing, they sold the building and we was out of contract by 2 years, and gave the old owners notice that we was going to close that location before they sold off to the new company.
  6. I just got a 20k LOC from my local bank, took about a month to get it, so if your in a hurry you need to start now! They will want 3 years worth of tax returns, and if you can't produce 3 years with of returns, collateral, most likely 3x what your asking for in collateral.
  7. I have the Amazon corporate revolving account, does that qualify for the 12month same as cash? Or is it only personal cards??
  8. Revolving account, I'm a brick and mortar company idk if that makes a difference or not though.
  9. I do not have a paydex, I only had 1 account reporting to D&B and it was for 2500 my direct mail company reported, have never checked the other 2 cause I don't wanna pay. I did also just get a lease on a sign for 5100 dollars but it's not reporting yet.
  10. Can you do it online? Or how do you do it? Phone or USMAIL?
  11. Can you see your Experian business credit report for free after you have been denied credit?? They also used Equifax in their decision. I done a search and couldn't find any info about this. Thanks!
  12. I got approved for Amazon for 3500 and was wondering if anyone had any luck calling and asking for an increase within the first month?? Adding 2 offices and would be nice to buy the computers on credit versus using our cash. Tried dell got told I would need to PG to get their account.
  13. Does global industries report any where??
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