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  1. Just called the number. She must have liked you more than me, because I was told no right away. They want me to take the 99/500 card for some reason, but she said its gonna be another hard pull on EX if I do. I am thinking since the BOA stock is taking a nosedive in the stockmarket, Im gonna say no thanks since I already have credit cards with ten times that credit limit. According to the CSR she wants to see a flawless credit report (so whats the point of a recon dept?). Seems to me a flawless CR would have resulted in an approval in the first place. You've run into the BOA buzzsaw. All they want is a flawless CR. Nothing more, nothing less. In my experience, their recon dept. does not exist. Perhaps others have had better luck with BOA recon.
  2. Marcus this is an area I have personal expertise in.. first you probably need to take a trip over to the biz side.. there are ways to get biz credit w/o using your personal info but its a slow start.. Yep. I have started reading the biz forums. While I am cursing Citi right now, I totally understand that I am business virgin. It's as though I am just starting out. So, I understand this. And I don't have a problem with Citi. They made a business decision. I respect it. I doubt they denied me because of my outrageous limits. It probably had more to do with being a start up. There is no biz track record yet. I'll bang on their door in about six months. My guess is that you hit it right, you are a start up. Start ups don't get *&(*&*(&. You've seen the add on TV where the little small business person is dodging the steel balls swinging all around him. That is Marcus right now, dodging Cit's swinging balls.
  3. Zeuhl, I am sending this letter tonight to their regular CSRs. if I get nowhere with it I will be looking for a 'Top Dog' to send it to. I need to get a little more background info from the forums. See if there is any cases related to this, and how they are keeping inaccurate records, and refusing to update or delete. if you have recieved a report from EX you will see all the name and address entries also have a ID# associated with them. From that I can pretty much bet EX knows exactally where they got the incorrect info. They even acknowledged you had a trade line before you were born? WOW what balls!!! If anyone can help find some case law, or something in the wording of the laws that can trip them up, lets spill it out here And work on something to get them to what they should be doing! (I'll be searching and reading all weekend) Rusty My opinion is that you may be disappointed in thinking that this letter, as good as it is, will have an effect on your credit report. I have written Experian around 10 times to try to get them to delete an address where I never lived. They won't do it because a tradeline is reporting that inaccurate address to EX. Good luck and i hope it happens for you but don't hold your breath.
  4. Sure words are words, but when they are backed by power and used to keep a group in a certain predicament because of the feelings they can evoke, the game changes. words DO have power. Otherwise, how would people like Hitler and Mussolini and Mao Tse Tung have been able to incite the masses? that's a different situation...if you'd like to discuss the hows and whys of the rise of Nazi Germany...I'd be happy to do so with anyone...but it wasn't the words Hitler used (at least not in the context of racial slurs)...same with the Chairman and Benito...there was FAR more to it than mere words... I was responding to the general comment that "words are words" and the implication therein that they have no power. I disagree. I believe they DO have power. I wasn't speaking specifically to racial slurs in that context. But feel free to debate whatever you'd like... Of course, a series of words strung together in political speeches, or sales presentations or debates have power if someone is moved to take action because of the total context. Here we are discussing one racially charged word and the use of that word in a private telephone conversation. Apples and oranges, I believe.
  5. Question: Ever used the term White Trash? Spic? Wet Back? Coconut?-- anything like that? Not trying to aim anything at you, but quoted your post because it sparked the thought. Most of those don't carry the same history as the N word, but they are jsut as racially/ethnically charged, so I'm wondering what gives, really? Can we really know if some one is racist and such for using them a time or two? Just thinking out loud here... Those are just words, you need to tie the hate to it. One rapper calling another a *N* doesn't have the hate associated with it, or maybe it does in some cases, but you get my point on the difference. Coconut ?? Fill me in on that one ? so if I...as a white male (and if I were any more white I'd be clear *LOL*), calls someone that word...but there's no "hate" in it...that's OK? either the word is bad (I don't think it is...any more than any other word really...call me a Polak Mik Kraut Fisheater for all I care...they're just words)...it's the ACTIONS that makes things bad I agree totally with your statements that these are just words and that it's the actions that cause problems. All over the world and I mean all over, there are epithets thrown around in a demeaning manner between persons from different backgrounds and/or cultures. For example, some Germans say demeaning things about the French, and the French say demeaning things about the Germans. The Puerto Ricans say bad things about the Cubans, and visa versa. And, on and on with thousands of examples. In this country, primarily but not totally due to the self-titled "leaders" of the black community, and we all know who they are, there has been a 60 year history of trying to get white people to not use certain words. These words are charged because there has been a concerted and widespread campaign to make them charged. There are thousands of incidents every day where white people are told that something is not "politically correct" to say, so that the person charging "racism" can be put into a phoney "superior" position. If anyone ever watches the black comedians who make a very very comfortable living casting racial epithets at white people on stage, screen and television each and every day of the year, you know that there has been a concerted effort to make certain words "code" words that nobody but a select few can use to make themselves rich and powerful. Bottom line, words are words only. Sticks and stones can break my bones but.............
  6. I don't have a definitive answer and would defer to someone who does, but I can not imagine the situation where paying down a debt would be considered a bad move. What difference could it make to a CC company if there are multiple payments during the month?
  7. Interesting discussion about the clutch and differential problems OP was experiencing. Did she come back from the trip? Any answer on the parts return? While we are at it, I have a 71 Ford Torino with a 308V8. Nothing special but maybe you can tell me where to find out if their are any Torino enthusiasts and what's out there on the market?
  8. I wish that discussions like this one would be kept off of the Credit Forum. Maybe I am in the minority, but I believe that this type of discussion should be kept to private messages or some other type of venue other than Credit Forum threads. No offense to this poster but that is my thought.
  9. Will it show up on my credit report? It hasn't yet...I'm hoping I can make payments or something. Are they easy to deal with? No, but start right now.
  10. My suggestion would be to keep that discussion away from threads.
  11. Most oldtimers will tell you to Debt Validate Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. They will also advise you to stay away from online disputes. You may have caused yourself more trouble than you wanted by going online to dispute.
  12. I would take the advice to pay it down below the CL, including all fees, as soon as possible. That will do minimum damage to the account.
  13. If you owe the $9K, which it appears you do, why wouldn't you just pay it? That way the account would be closed but paid as agreed.
  14. If it is later than 30 days since it was closed, BOA is tough to get anything reasonable about reopening an account.

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