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  1. Yes, but of the ones listed there that aren't temporarily suspended, are they reputable? The student loan network's website looks very shady to me as well as this custudentloans.org ... wells fargo's website won't even let me get to the application to apply. Just keeps taking you in a loop when you press the "apply now" button. Check out Pentagon Federal Credit Union.
  2. gixxer750

    Kay Jewelers

    I opened a Jared card (issued by Sterling also) in Sept 2010. I made a 100 purchase and PIF and then 2 months later made another 150 purchase. They did in fact pull a hard (EQ) for the 2nd purchase.
  3. I lost -36 points. 713 to 678. Mainly due to AAOA and utilization.
  4. UPDATE: I called EQ and the rep could not give me an explanation as to why the accounts are no longer reporting. If I pull an archived report from yesterday, they are there. Today, they are not. The rep's only answer was that the creditors removed it. I can confirm that is not accurate. My wife and I spoke with each company and they didn't remove it. They are all still showing on TU and EX. The rep offered no other explanation other than "I can see it's not longer there, sir. The company must have removed it electronically".
  5. Upon pulling my EQ report today, I was surprised to notice that all 3 of my AU accounts are no longer reporting. The accounts were my wife's Chase, Bank of America, and Capital One that I was an AU on. Anyone else had any issues?
  6. Is it possible to add the Joint User in a Kohl's store, or does it have to be done via mail?
  7. Letting it just "fall off" won't solve the problem. Just because it falls off of your CRA's doesn't mean that the account and charge off isn't still in your company's system. Not to mention that the collections agency will still have the account and could still attempt to collect it later down the road. There's no guarantee that they won't someday find out your employer and then attempt to contact you at work. I would be proactive and just handle it. I would think your employer would find your honesty and willingness to resolve an outstanding issue as a sign of responsibility on your end.
  8. I've had the exact same thing happen to me. I've got two BLANK inquiries on my EQ and have never been able to remove them. They showed blank on my hard copies as well. Strange.
  9. Agreed. This is probably your quickest and most efficient option.
  10. What probably happened was your application was initially denied and your company Amex Administrator guaranteed the account for $3000.
  11. Gixxer, is 680 what Sallie Mae wants for the smart option loan? If so, I'm there. What other criteria does Sallie Mae look at? I'm just making an educated guess based of my own experience and my spouse's experience with Sallie Mae's smart option loans. I'm not sure the exact "cutoff" score required but I do know that they take a variety of factors into consideration, including but not limited to: debt to income, total student loan balances, utilization on existing tradelines, job history, etc. I've was able to get a $10,000 Smart Option with a 688 mid score without a cosigner this last January. However, I had to have a cosigner for the current academic year for the same dollar amount with similar scores. *shrugs*
  12. This is considered fraud and can have serious consequences. For starters, lying or misrepresenting information on a loan/credit card application to a bank is a federal crime of bank fraud. You can be sentenced to max of 30 years in prison. Lying to the IRS and obtaining a tax id under false pretenses is also a federal crime.
  13. Equifax and TransUnion show unpaid tax liens indefinitely while Experian shows it for fifteen years.
  14. What date is Cap1 saying the account was closed? When are the charges appearing?

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