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  1. okay maybe I should not have used the word "harrass", my bad, I know they are doing their job. Maybe I should take it up with my employment for giving them the info, they claim it was necessary to give him my work hours because he had a court order. Is this true or even lawful? I just dont want to make it easy for them to serve me, I want to find out who it is but not sure how to go about it. I will do more research. In a nutshell, should I call him, he left a card for me with his phone number. I know when I call him he is going to want to meet up with me to serve me. I just dont feel comfortable doing that.
  2. Can a process server come to my job and question the HR department? I have had a server trying to contact me for some time now. Since I work the graveyard shift, I ado not work during normal business hours. The server showed up at my job and the Human Resource department took his card and told him the hours I work. The server told them if I did not contact them back, they would come and serve me during my work hours. The thing is my work building is like fort knox. They can not get to me because I park in a gated garage and enter through the back for safety reasons since I am literally the only person (female) in the building besides the female security guard. My question is can they continue to harass others at my place of employment? I read up on the laws of civil procedure here in Arizona and it says they have to serve me personally or at my place of dwelling. I also understand they must serve me in order pursue the complaint. I also know they have 120 days from the time the complaint is filed. Since this was from years ago, they do not have any recent contact info other then my employment. I dont even know who it is from but I know if Im served I must appear in court or they will win a default judgement and can garnish wages. Any comments is appreciated.
  3. Oh okay I understand, I dont use this card much so I should have no problem PIF every month by due date. I only use it for a 9.99 monthly subscription payment just to show some type of activity every month. Is two-cycle billing common?
  4. When We Start Charging Interest: For credit card purchases, periodic Finance Charges begin to accrue on the date of the transaction and continue to accrue until payment in full is credited to your Account. However, you have a Grace Period of 25 days on new credit card purchases. That means, if you paid the New Balance shown on your last statement by the Payment Due Date for that statement, you have until the Payment Due Date for your current billing cycle to pay your New Balance in full to avoid the imposition of periodic Finance Charges on new credit card purchases. If, however, you did not pay the New Balance in full by the Payment Due Date for the immediately preceding billing cycle, you will incur periodic Finance Charges on new credit card purchases (i.e., purchases appearing for the first time in the current cycle) from the date of the transaction and on the previously billed but unpaid credit card purchases from the first day of the current cycle. Periodic Finance Charges that accrue after the statement date will appear on the next statement. Goosh do they have to make it any more confusing! Geez!
  5. These are what my job offers for 401k plan, Does anyone have any insight on which are good and which I should stay away from? Merrill Lynch Retirement Preservation Trust Calvert Income Fund - Class A Pioneer High Yield Fund - Class A Gartmore U.S. Growth Leaders Long-Short Fund - Class A Merrill Lynch Global Allocation Fund, Inc. - Class A Van Kampen Growth and Income Fund - Class A AllianceBernstein Growth and Income Fund - Class A Merrill Lynch Large Cap Value Fund - Class A Davis New York Venture Fund - Class A Merrill Lynch Large Cap Core Fund - Class A Victory Special Value Fund - Class A Alger MidCap Growth Institutional Fund - Class I Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value Fund - Class A MFS® International New Discovery Fund - Class A Thornburg International Value Fund - Class A Oppenheimer Global Fund - Class A Templeton Growth Fund, Inc. - Class A Oppenheimer Small- & Mid- Cap Value Fund – Class A Merrill Lynch Small Cap Growth Fund - Class A
  6. If house is in foreclosure and was recorded at the County recorders office, once there is a repayment plan in place and all documents are signed and down payment is made for the repayment plan, should the lender remove the foreclsure recording or at least update it. What is the process once you have started the repayment plan is the lender required to update the recording or remove it.
  7. amout owed on mortgage is approx 110k, amount needed to consolidate is 15k-20k, home will appraise for 160k
  8. any lenders who will help me with scores below 500, lot of recent late payments and high utilization
  9. I deal with FFAM out of Atlanta and its for my defaulted Student Loan however they are a collection agency so maybe they collect for other companies as well. Do a search in the student loan forum.
  10. I just signed up at this site and I do not see where I can get all 3 reports. When I click on 3in1 it takes me to pay site for 24.95. I used the same username and password on True credit.
  11. Can I dispute this TL as obsolete? Im not sure what EX has for the DOLA but according to the account history showing on the report the account went 30 days past due 12/1998. Status:Discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter 7/Current, was past due 90 days. Date Opened: 02/1998 Type: Installment Credit Limit:$7,137 Date of Status:04/2001 Terms:30 Months High Balance:NA Reported Since:07/1998 Monthly Payment:$0 Recent Balance:$0 Last Reported Date:06/2005 Responsibility:Individual Recent Payment:$0 Account History: 90 days as of Jan 1999 30 days as of Dec 1998 Debt included in Chapter 7 Bankrupcy on Apr 09, 2001
  12. I closed on my townhouse 2/7/05 and I signed up for Amica. They never pulled a credit report however they did pull a CLUE report. I know Amica never pulled a credt report because I was using PG and no inquiry (hard or soft) ever showed up!!

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