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  1. So in 2010 I bought my house.... well with a new house you need new furniture and such.... to make a long story short too much credit extended at one time and got behind on furniture payments..... Original creditor CACH sold Said account to GEMB..... NOw CACH has filed a default judgement against me and Collected $700 from me..... I am thinking that this is not a legal practice .... any help from you guys is greatly appreciated.
  2. I just got a dunning letter through email. I know there have been a few law changes but to get a dunning letter actually settlement offer through email is weird. No OC listed just gives an account number and 130.15 anyone have any clue about any scams?
  3. the author of that article definately did not check her facts
  4. Well It has been a long hard journey. But finally, after 3 years of hard work I have finally gotten qualified for a VA Home Loan for $143,516 to purchase our first home. Not only is it our first home but it is our dream home. Complete with swimming pool, Hot tub, and wait for it................Sauna. This place is almost completely remodeled and only needs the bathrooms updated. Thank you so much to everyone on CB. I have never ran into anyone here that has not tried to help in one way shape or form. THanks again. ADmin I could not post in success story forum please move.
  5. technically they are reporting false info right now it was paid in the 4th of November and one of them hit Ex on 11/12 how long do they have to update tradeline
  6. Any clue. Lady I talked to said they reported on the 31st of Oct. I paid OC and CA was notified on the 4th that it was paid in full. What should I do? Oh and EQ just reported it today. any ideas?
  7. I called all 3 companies and they all said that they cannot report off schedule. Go figure.
  8. it's not that urgent but i wasn't sure if they would do that.
  9. Currently have offer from landlord and I just paid off my CC
  10. Hey guys it's been a while since I have posted on here. However, I was wondering if I should use rapid rescore or not. It will cost me $25 per TL per bureau to add up to about $150-175. What are your thoughts. I am trying to buy my first house and have just gotten my finances in order.
  11. I plan ob buying my house that I am currently renting. I have a few things($3000) to pay off to bring my scores up to 650 where the mortgage broker wants them. My resources will allow me to pay off the student loan within a couple months, however I have a chance to take out a Student loan to pay them off but I do not want to do it if, it will hurt my credit.
  12. I declined so they gave me a free $50 CLI lol
  13. actually paid off the card through online bill pay and had it set for automatic payment lol paid the same amount twice
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